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Your first responsibility of membership is to read, understand and abide by the code of conduct.



blog-0515828001345217191.jpgI've been updating/clarifying our rules and thought this was a good time to remind everyone that as a member, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for abiding by the rules.

The single best guideline to posting here is to be civil to one another. For the sake a clarity though, I've highlighted some important rules for posting here below. The full version is here

Please note that moderators issue warnings for rule violations. Generally, these are 'verbal' warnings with a 1 point value. Points go away over time however, if you begin to accumulate points within a 30 day time period, you should know that your posting privs here will be restricted.

Also, depending on the nature of the post your privs can also be restricted immediately (for example, we 'toast' spammers on sight). Other than spammers, immediate and/or permanent posting restrictions occur only when, in spite of our best efforts, a member will not abide by our code OR when someone loses their temper and posts with an extreme lack of judgement So, don't do those things.


(1) Each member is allowed one registered account.

(2) Please be respectful of your fellow members.

Insulting "nicknames" are not respectful and not appropriate to use in the forum. Even if you think it is clever.......odds are no one else does so don't do it.

(3) Personal attacks are not Allowed.

(4) Do not post messages that are inflammatory

(5) Do not post copyrighted material or links to illegal NFL game feeds *anywhere* in the forum, chat room or on the site.

(6) No discussion about your use of illegal streaming links or invitations for people to message you for an illegal streaming link.

(7) Please do no attempt to avoid the profanity filters.

(8)Please refrain from posting meaningless threads.

(9)Strictly Prohibited: Spamming, Advertising, Promotional Posting, and Trolling, and Illegal Activity.

Please do not discuss illegal activities on our forums.

(10)Selling of items, including game tickets or Colts merchandise, is also prohibited.

Please note, we advise our members NOT to enter into any transactions with other members.

(11)Soliciting is not allowed

(12) Post politely

(13) Explicit picture in posts and/or signatures is strictly forbidden

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I really like this reminder. I want to add it is not fun in the least being away from friends that you develop on this site. Being away means missing out on the great people and posts. Being away sucks in the off-season let alone when the real stuff is here. There is nothing like being on here on game day whether in chat or in a game day thread!!! :)

I am on nearly every day, and want to say there are varying levels of knowledge. I encourage new posters to read a lot of posts before starting your first thread. Also introduce yourselves in Member Introductions: If you are a 'kid' jjust wanting to learn football tell us. We will be glad to help.

Lastly the moderation team works together very well in coming to decisions. Debates can get heated....when it is obvious that you both are 360 degrees apart....just agree to disagree. I did that with one of my best friends on here...and we laughed about it. And in difficult cases...use the Ignore function. I learned the hard way, but I am glad I did. Happy posting!!

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Is it just me or is this site difficult to operate. I can't figure out how to post on my page, let alone do anything. Much more difficult than the old days!

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Thank you Nadine for posting this for everyone. Number 7 to me is a big deal. I messed up one day typing in a game day thread and it came across as profanity.

One thing for everyone to remember is that what is profane to one person....may not be to the other. The forums is much more fun when we all get along......and some good solid debates too. :)

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