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    ℧ Making It Personal!! The Indianapolis Colts have been doing that for us and continuing to do so, therefore, I want to "Make It Personal" back! I have been collecting signatures on my skin to have tattooed. ℧

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  1. Matt EllisƱ


    Will never forget having our Super Bowl Champion sign the back of my right leg for the tattooing! One of 40 collected and tattooed Champion signatures! Miss you, Champ!

    © Matt Ellis

  2. Matt EllisƱ

    New Motto 2014?

    Nothin' stronger than Coltstrong... but, how 'bout complimenting it with a bit more? Simple.
  3. Still finding this site a bit difficult to navigate through, so hoping the following is getting out there... I am curious to know if anyone knows how one gets the opportunity to participate in the field games during game day... kick for money, make a match, who is it, etc... ?? Anyone? Go Colts!
  4. What an awesome privilege to meet Edgerin James during the Ring of Honor Celebration at Lucas Oil!! Just had to get his signature on my arm for the tattooing! That makes 40!
  5. Nope... not famous... . I show up early to games and head down to the sidelines!
  6. Matt EllisƱ

    coltsskindeep AutoTatts

    I've been on a journey to collect Indianapolis Colt's Super Bowl Champions signatures. They have signed right on my skin and I tattoo over the top!
  7. Is it just me or is this site difficult to operate. I can't figure out how to post on my page, let alone do anything. Much more difficult than the old days!
  8. Peyton Manning tattoo on 3/8... can't wait!

    1. BrentMc11


      18 with Colts.....or the rumors....you could do Colts, Dolphins, Skins, Chiefs, Cards or just have Peyton and sexy Rexy on your arm with the Jets...I would not put THAT one on my arm.

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