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Am I on a power trip?



blog-0401754001344945418.jpgI get asked this question from time to time, as do the other moderators..........and always by someone who has been issued a warning for violating site rules.

So I thought I'd just answer here. The answer is no. None of us enjoys issuing warnings to members. We would all far prefer that everybody post in a civil way all the time with no need for anything from moderation.

Why aren't we nicer about asking people to comply with the rules? This is another question we get asked. (Usually this is asked in a combative way so it seems ironic.)

We have a system here that may give the impression that we are not nice. However, it is our system and it's not going away. It's the way the site works. These are our tools, they are what we have to work with to keep the site up to the standards that our members expect.

Warnings are issued using this system. When you receive a warning, you must acknowledge it before you can post.

Warnings have a point value with most site violations having a 1 point value but others have a higher point value (such as anything about illegal streaming. We do mean to give the impression that we are absolutely serious about keeping these discussions off the site)

Over time, your points will disappear.

However, if within any 30 day period, you start to accumulate points, you should know that you will experience automatic consequences by way of restrictions to your posting privs here.

Honestly, when someone asks me why I am not much nicer in asking them to stop violating our sites rules, I wonder why they are not nicer by RESPECTING the community and the rules we have here.

Everyone agrees to abide by the rules when they join. And while we understand that from time to time people make errors in judgement............there are some who find it extremely difficult to remain civil most of the time.

We expect everyone to be responsible for what they read and what they post. It's pretty simple.

If you have questions about a rule or want to debate it with a moderator, that's fine. BUT do not send abusive, insulting, and otherwise combative notes to moderators. If you do, you will be issued a warning

Do not post about moderation anywhere here (that includes blogs, forums, status update pages, or anywhere.)

Discussing moderation in public is also against site rules and you will be issued a warning for this.

We do not discuss your moderation warnings in public or with anyone outside of moderation. We do not conduct public arguments about moderation. If you see someone posting about moderation, be assured you are seeing a fraction of the truth.

Board Rules Here

Being a moderator is not easy. It takes time, it takes patience and it takes a commitment to these forums and our standards. There are no moderators here who enjoy the power. Their time is a voluntary contribution to the community and they should be thanked for that.

Our Mission

As the Official Fan Forum for the Indianapolis Colts, our goal is to provide a well moderated community where NFL fans can enjoy a family-friendly welcoming environment for discussing Colts football, the NFL, and other topics of mutual interest. This is a place where Where 'football gurus' and casual fans can meet and enjoy each others company on a shared topic of interest.

Civility, a welcoming atmosphere, tolerance, humor, mutual respect and individual commitment to the community are our over-riding goals.

In addition to individual adherence to the community norms (but equally essentail) are our volunteers who moderate the site and aim to lay out clear boundaries of socially acceptable behavior that facilitates quality discussion.

Will we make mistakes and errors in judgement along the way? Sure. Will you? Probably.

But you should know that if someone is a fan.........we do and have gone to great lengths to allow them to keep posting here. And the few times we have had to ban a Colts fan........it is because, in spite of our efforts, they just could not abide or respect our community.

We have a great crew of volunteers here who are very thoughtful in moderating the boards. We have great fans here who have no trouble with our standards.

Thanks to everyone who posts here in a civil, thoughtful, and entertaining way. We have some of the wittiest posters on the web I think. And we mean to keep it that way.

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