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Our Chat Room: What you need to know



blog-0263500001344361051.jpgDuring the season we open the chat room during games.

We have a friendly bunch that hangs out in chat and they welcome more members to drop in.

Just a reminder, we are serious about keeping our chatroom friendly. If you are new to chat please read our rules, I've posted the chatroom rules below for you to review. If you violate the rules, you risk being banned from chat permanently

Chat Rules

Links to Colts.com are allowed here.

Other that colts.com Absolutely no links are allowed. It's a burden to chat mods so don't do it.

Anyone posting streaming links (other than to http://www.colts.com/Streaming.html will be permanently banned from chat

NO Profanity whatsoever, masked or otherwise

All Board rules apply to chat. To read them follow this link which is available in the footer of every page on this site: http://forums.colts....tion=boardrules

Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse

If you are having trouble viewing chat, please try another browser.


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