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From: 10 Things I think I think part deaux



I will just say thanks ahead of time for being reminded that this is after only one preseason game. I may be on the wrong side of the century march, but I can at least remember that.

# - The change is evident...top to bottom. The Colts are officially a different team. We have a new demeanor and identity. No matter the wins and losses, we are embarked on a new era.

# - I cannot remember a Colt team that was prepared for the preseason from the top of the roster to the bottom. Almost to a man, when the subs came in, the game still flowed. None of that time out to avoid the costly mistake. These guys are coached up and have bought in. THAT is fresh and welcomed.

# - I really like seeing the 5/2 defensive front and then a change to the 4/3. This rotation looks relentless. I expect to see some DT's to be high fiving this season. Manusky has a great vision of using the d-lineman individually in the way that suits them best! How refreshing.

# - I see a lot of weapons available to Aluck for the quick strike, move the chains outlet pass. Not to mention the fact that Avery is still in the wings. Was that a FB I saw executing for us! Our WR corps are better than last year. Health will be the key.

# - Name a RB, they all produced. Its a wonder what strong weight room attention, a commitment to blocking, and some fiery OL can do for the running game.

# - We are flat out larger. Just watch the Colts file out of the locker room. Were not just a little bigger...we are significantly bigger.

# - I loved how as soon as the coach was asked at halftime what he wanted to see in his players in the second half, he instantly said, "Finish"...."I want to see them finish the game". He didn't even hesitate. That is because the man has conviction. No, I was not a fan that put down the previous staff for their quiet demeanor. Pagano had a very controlled and subtle demeanor on the sidelines, but when he was asked, you could see the determination in his face.

# - Someone has been drilling the team with tackling techniques, because I didn't see those "almost had them for a small gain" misses like we had quite often when guys went for the highlight hit. I also didn't see 2 LB's getting hauled 6 yards by one RB, which I can remember. (This is not meant to demean the past, but to bring light to the improvements)

# - I see a young QB who possesses an agile, strong body, a bright football mind(listened to his dad talk today on Sirius and I get it), and who appears to be poised to lead our team for years to come. It's almost as if I can't say it out-loud for fear it will go away.

# - Our GM has done an incredible job of being handed a cap mess, a cupboard of expensive aging players, a fairly entitled fanbase, and the responsibility of turning it around quickly.....and bringing us a product that we can get behind.

Again, these are my opinions, and I am not naive to the significance of a preseason game. I don't need to filter what I saw with my own eyes......we are a new team headed in a great direction.

Source: 10 Things I think I think part deaux

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