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From: Declaration of Support



Here we are. As fans, we are on the brink of watching a vastly different team and coaching staff from the one we watched last season. Last year we experienced a severe change in the win column...going from an average of 11 or 12 wins a year, to 2. We were reminded of what it is like to not be the team that is talked about on every website, or be feared by defensive coordinators, or to not be a "get" for prime time television.

Because of injuries and timing, the team moved on from a QB who redefined the position....to be able to select another who may do his own defining someday.

Yet amidst this fan shaking decision, changes.....wholesale changes needed to be made. While our owner was receiving hate mail, death threats, and everything else imaginable, he still had to make key decisions regarding the future of this franchise. He had to first select a GM to lead us not only into the future, but to redefine what Colts football stood for. He wanted a different stamp on the product that we all have the luxury of rooting for. He selected Ryan Grigson.

I remember the epic threads about the firing of Mr. Polian. The division among fans about his abilities as the Colts GM are still strongly divided. But no where do I remember the mention of Mr. Grigson's name as a possible. What I now know is that this guy eats football. It is his life and passion. You could not hide a guy on your practice squad from Ryan if he had a face change operation. He will hunt that player out and put them in the proper spot on his big board. For all the years that fans thought that we were not doing enough outside of our own draft selections, there should not be any complaining about our team trying to get better. Plain and simple, this guy gets it.

Then, along with the owner, they selected Chuck Pagano as the new head coach. Again, this was not a name on anyone's list. But after 8 months, here is what I see. I see a man with conviction, determination, pride, fire, class, and smarts. He can deliver a speech when its needed. He can ask a rookie to give more than he ever thought possible. I think he can even convince a veteran to rekindle his youthful beliefs. This is what I see. I also see a coach that looks good, like he wears the part well. He is young enough to have his spunk and fight, yet aged enough to deliver his message with validity. In short, he is at the perfect time in his career for this job.

What this all comes down to, is our owner. He made these choices. These were not popular picks. In fact, he was, and still is to some, an unpopular figure. But from the perspective of a Colt fan since 1970, this owner has far exceeded my expectations since the whistle sounded at the end of last season. He has hit a home run, in more ways than one. Andrew Luck was not the focus of this article, because he doesn't need to be. His pick was a no-brainer. It is all the other decisions that Mr. Irsay has done which deserve my unwavering support.

So on this eve of NFL 2012-13, I pledge my support of this team and staff, and of the owner. I also vow to not change my position on this, regardless of what injuries may happen, or what the teams record is at the end of the season. Thanks, Jim....may things work out well.

Source: Declaration of Support


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