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From: Are they who we thought they were?



So many questions that we all want to see answered. And even though it was a preseason game, I did not walk away empty handed in my search for answers.

Probably the biggest thing I saw when watching the game was an overall preparedness by the entire team. I have to be honest, after the first stringers left the field over the last 10 or so years, we were ineffective... no matter preseason or regular. The quality of our depth and their preparedness was consistently poor. Our #1's could beat anybody...our #2's and 3's could beat nobody. I don't know whether that was a product of drafting, scheme, coaching, execution, or all of the aforementioned.

This team is prepared to execute from top to bottom. They are making mistakes....and I am not anointing them as all world. I just see consistent execution as the players substitute. This one thing has me giddy and excited.

The offensive disparity, 430 for us and 215 for them, is always a nice thing to have. So different than last year. No serious injuries that I have heard of is nice as well. The biggest factoid I saw was that we converted 11 3rd downs over a 15 attempt run!...while allowing 5 over a 13 play run for their offense. That, folks, is like a tornado wind of fresh air. We ran the ball, and we ran it when we needed to. Harnish took over in the endzone and we ran it twice to get to the 20 yard line. THAT is running when you need to.

Moala got into the backfield

Freemen got into the backfield

King got into the backfield

Hughes got into the backfield

DJ Johnson got into the backfield and played an outstanding game

It takes two bus fares to get around McKinney

Brazil looks like a real gem. He looked nothing like a rookie WR.

Donald "housecall" Brown is more than capable as our #1 RB

Carter got some major height in his leap over the pile and is a load to bring down

Liked how Stanton threw a great block and also lowered his head near the endzone

Quan Cosby just keeps making plays

What I came away with:

Our QB has the potential to be something very special

We have depth at QB, we need no more suggestions everytime a QB gets cut

We have strength and depth at RB and need no more suggestions everytime a RB gets cut

Sampson S was solid and seemed in control of the calls, but the line is far from gelling

Our days of being unable to run the football may be behind us

Fleener looked nervous

That long TD by Brown is not the last we will see this season

Our CB's are not great, but they played well enough that I can exhale

Game Balls:

Andrew Luck

Donald Brown

Quan Cosby

TY Hilton

DJ Johnson

Joe Reitz

Jerry Hughes

Delone Carter

Chuck Pagano

Greg Manusky

Bruce Arians

Also saw some great play by Chirs Rucker, Latarrius Thomas,TY Hilton, and Dominique Jones.

Source: Are they who we thought they were?


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