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Anyone else see something familiar

Jay Kirk


Here we are with training camp up on us ,and key players not signed. :hmm:


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I feel they are ready to be signed. They show as some have reported on the roster.

It is just a matter for the I dotters and the T crossers to finish. Our troops will be in camp. I have faith!!! I think. :)

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Lol i hope your right Brent.I remember to many times in the past ,when this wasnt the case.With the new guidlines i cant see it being that hard to do,but must admit it worrys me a little

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The agents are playing some games on loaded contracts....9 or the first 11 are not signed...I am amazed Fleener and Allen are not in the fold.

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Thhere are 14 of the 32 first round draftees not signed yet. There are also 12 of the third round draftees not signed yet. RGIII still not signed and missing mini camp this week

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Sorry Jay, I don't check the blog section that often unless I am prompted or encouraged to do so by a friend.

I think we will get all our rookies signed in short order.

Hey, the Horseshoe is pointed up this year. New GM, new head coach, new quarterback, and a number of new roster faces. INDY will return to NFL prominence in about 2 years IMO.

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