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Mini Camp at LOS



Went to yesterdays mini camp at LOS yesterday and had a good time. This is the first mini camp/training camp I have been to. As a season ticket holder,, obviously anxious to get a look at the new and old players. It was nice to be able to walk around the stadium freeely without the crowd of people you have on game day.

Took some random picks and posted them in the Gallery here under Colts mini camp.

Thought Luck looked good after warming up as all the reports say. During initial warmups all 5 QBs throwing good, but then when you are not under presssure and don't have 300+ lb defensive guys trying to take you out, it is a lot easier to step back and toss the football.

Seemed to me that a few players getting a lot of reps on the field, though probably just an impression with all the action going on. Cosby was very active and seems to have good hands and speed. Brazill and Fayson also very prominent and showing abilities.

Saw TY Hilton on field but he didn't seem to be participating, injury or something???

Vinatieri looks good and doesn't seem to have aged any, 51 yarder right through the middle. If he were to get hurt, McAfee seems quite capable of filling in, couple 41 yarders with plenty more distance there right through the middle. Long snaps being split between Snow and Overton.

Castonza and Ijalana both on sideline together working out drills and stamina runs.

Fleener and Allen both looking good, assume we will have a 3rd TE but can't tell who at this point.

Irsay was walking around edge of the field near end of practice talking to fans ans signing autographs.

90 players out there old and new, almost half them will be gone by September. Looking forward to training camp end of July and plan to take a trip or two up there.

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Nice synopsis of your Colts minicamp travels & experience overall. I did comment on your pictures as well. Good work CM51!!!

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Amazing how many cuts have to be made before the start of the season. As Pagano said, it may come down to who excels on special teams. Being a special teams freak myself, I simply love this philosophy. You did a great job my friend, and your pics were of professional quality. Thank you!!!

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