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1 And Done



After a less than stellar year, looks like Chad Johnson is looking for a new gig.

Released from the arch rival Patriots, wonder if Ochocinco would be a good fit for the Horse shoe???... Who will be lining up to put up with this WR, the MLB, or, the NFL.. ...


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Hello my lovely friend, lot's of speculation on this. Years past I put Chad and TO in the same dislike pile, attitude and pompous behhaviour offset talent to my way of thinking. Recent years have seen and change of character for both, unfortunately on the downside of their careers.

Wouldn't be upset with a cheap one year contract for Chad for some veteran experience. Only concern is that any rep he takes or gets is one less rep for our young and up and coming players that need the exposure and time on the field.

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He is a joke. As well as a cancer to any and all teams. As really he needs to be a team player. Not a "me" player if you know where this is coming from.

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Chad "OchoCinco" hasn't made a catch since before Cincinnati's last playoff appearance. Watch the game, you'll see why nobody wants him. All talk and alligator arms when the play counts. The Bengals had a chance to win that game and if Chad would have made even 1 "Hall of Fame" type catch, heck, if he would have even made a couple "practice team" type catches, they could have won. Signing this goon to the Colts squad would be poison to our young team. Not a good fit in my opinion and I would be very disappointed to see our coaching staff even consider it. Just my opinion. I love what our team is doing and I can't wait to see the new product on the field.


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