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  1. Awesome job! Hilarious! Throoooowwws of lightning, runnnnsss of thunnnder, fiiiighing off our firrrssst half blunnnnnnnders! I'll have this in my head all day now thank you very much. LOL
  2. .....or is there a NEW Sheriff in town? I'm sure Andrew doesn't want to be known as anyone's deputy. LOL .... as far as the Denver game goes, I like Peyton and all, and loved him while he was here. He has struggled with San Diego in the playoffs before, and they were NOT a divisional team. Maybe that works to his favor being in the division, but maybe it works against him. We'll see and it will be interesting, but to be real honest, I just care about what the Colts get done this weekend. I hope we roll the Pats and come out injury free. ......please Santa?
  3. I didn't read all the posts, I'm just gonna drop off my thoughts and run. Late in the game, we had the lead and a first down. FIrst down, Richardson for 5 yards! Great! 2nd down, Richardson for 2 yards. I looked at my wife, and said, that's 3.5 per carry! Feed it to him again, it's 3rd and 3! BAM! First down! Richardson, he was pulled for a breather and Choice spelled him. I LOVED IT! 4th quarter, with the lead, and we just ran 3 plays for a first down! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!! THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THIS KID!!! Remember Jerome Bettis? Not saying that is what TRICH is, but
  4. H 2012/12/23 Kansas City Chiefs 13 - Indianapolis Colts 20 L A 2011/10/09 Kansas City Chiefs 28 - Indianapolis Colts 24 W A 2010/10/10 Kansas City Chiefs 9 - Indianapolis Colts 19 L A 2007/11/18 Kansas City Chiefs 10 - Indianapolis Colts 13 L A 2007/01/06 Kansas City Chiefs 8 - Indianapolis Colts 23 L !! AFC WILDCARD !! H 2004/10/31 Kansas City Chiefs 45 - Indianapolis Colts 35 W H 2004/01/11 Kansas City Chiefs 31 - Indianapolis Colts 38 L !! AFC DIVISONAL PLAYOFF !! H 2001/10/25 Kansas City Chiefs 28 - Indianapolis Colts 35 L H 2000/09/03 Kansas City Chiefs 14 - Indianapolis Colts 27
  5. I'll have to view it when I get home. Webfilter gets me here. LOL
  6. I can't view the .gif.
  7. I just got the call, I'll be going to play. Am I the only one? I figured a few of you got a call too? At this point, I'm surprised their isn't a sign hanging on the stadium door "Now Hiring"! LOL In all seriousness, it's been a tough year for us. We are still in it, and I'm happy with our team. We have a great franchise and it's fun being a fan. Maybe we make the show, maybe we don't, but we are divisional champs once again!!! I only look to see our team improve. This linebacker thing is kind of crazy, but another year and I bet we bulk up some more depth there. 3-4, those LB's need t
  8. Arrested Development? LOL Love that show!
  9. I'm curious as to who the 1st and 2nd round players that would be making a difference if we could draft them this year would be? I think Trent Richardson will develop just fine, and I think Vontae Davis is a good corner? I am just interested in who are the better two choices that we could have obtained in the next draft?
  10. I'm thankful for this nice big breath of fresh air! Nice thread! GO COLTS!!!!!!
  11. I don't get to watch the games, so I follow them on my phone with the NFL app. You said we left a lot of points on the field. Considering the problems we have been having, I guess I can find a positive in that. If we left points on the field, that means they were there to be had. So just some minor adjustments, or improvements, would this have gone differently? My point being, are we actually improving, and just haven't realized it yet? Of course I am just being hopeful, but when I read your post, that is the first thing that came to mind. The defense was not getting it done yesterday.
  12. I think Seattle is currently put together a bit better than the Colts, at least at the O-line for sure. Last year, it was all about RGIII vs Luck. Now it's Wilson vs. Luck? Who will it be vs. Luck next year? I'll stay with the constant. I think Luck will continue to develop and David Carr, or Alex Smith? Really? No where near the same caliber in my opinion.
  13. The biggest concern I have with moving the QB around is an RGIII type thing. I like to see them move, but don't want to see it every play. Luck has talent moving around, like Brady, but I agree he needs to avoid hits and needs to slide, he'd probably draw some penalties that way. All that being said, I hope our coaches get it figured out, and I like what Superman had to say as well. Good post.
  14. There is an easy road in the playoff's? More teams should try using that, they would win more Superbowl's. Don't let the secret out, everyone will use it next year. LOL
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