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Andrew Luck Deal Close!



According to NFL.com, a deal with the Colts and Andrew Luck. Is expected and could be soon. As wonder how much they will give him. I would predict somewhere in the $35M-$40M range under the new CBA rules.


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Whenever the deal is done, Andrew's deal will be much closer -- some say almost exactly like the one that Cam Newton got last year.

The new CBA allows the rookie money pool to be based on total league revenue. And that money for 2011 (for Luck's contract) is almost the same as 2010, the amount used last year for Newton's contract.

Newton got 4-years and $22 Mill. Meaning Luck is likely to get roughly the same.... likely not much more than that. Maybe a million or so more if that. The devil is in the details. How much upfront? How much per season? How much guaranteed, and so on.....

But there's no chance for $35-40 Mill over 4-years.

The only way to get to that amount, is to factor in the 5th year which likely comes, and THAT year the money will be big. But, by that time, odds are the Colts will have approached Andrew about a re-structered long-term deal. It's not only better for Andrew, but better for the Colts and their salary cap.

Hope this helps......


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