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Anybody Watch Dancing With the Stars?



I really don't. But man they make dancing look easy. Both the pros and the stars. As they really make it look great. But it also will burn you off some pounds it seems. The way that they dance and go. My mom watches it. She loves that show!


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I never have. I caught The Dance Crew show a couple of times. That was pretty cool

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I've watched it a few times, but just can't seem to get interested.

You're right they do make it look easy and it would be a fun way to drop some pounds.

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Dancing shows per say aren't exactly my cup of tea either, but the ability to slide, glide, spin, & jump in unison with a partner is a unique talent that the vast majority of us will never personally posses. 2 left feet often dictates the demise of a person's Fred Astaire dreams right then & there unfortunately.

But, on the plus side, usually those who can dance typically teach right? Just Kidding!!!

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