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Who Is Going To Be The Starting Rb?



Like every true Colts fan i am super exited about the up comming 2012 season. I have been pretty impressed with the players we have picked up in the free agency putting togather a big offensive line. One common thing i have heard about these new aditions is they are good at opening up the running game. I cant help but wonder who is going to be running the ball. Now dont get me wrong i think Brown has developed over the past couple years but not to the point to were he is a starter. As the last of the big names left in the FA are gone the question is what are we going to do? Mabey Pick some one up in the 2nd round of the draft, but if so then who will be left at that point? All i know is i want a hard nosed smash mouth versitile back that can really help establish the running game next year.


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I think after training camp is said and done, Delone Carter will be #1 on the depth chart. He is the type of player Arians is used to. A smashmouth guy that can run north/south between the gaps. If he hold on to the ball and improves in the offseason, I don't think he'll have a problem beating Brown out of the spot. I do like Darren Evans as well. Maybe save the RB for next years draft. Montee Ball?

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That is a good point despite a few fumbles i bet he wish he had back Carter showed alot talent. This year with a new RB coach i have read good things about and the rookie year nerves out of the way I see him having a good season with the combo of him and Brown.

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Like both Brown and Carter in a tandem, don't know which as starter, Carter needs to hold onto the ball more but has more leg strength. Like to see Evans get some time and show what he can do this year. I liked Ganaway at Baylors Pro Day, looked impressive but the scouts are not real high on him, definitely available in later rounds

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To see Evans get some time whould be cool especially if your a local and watched him progress from highschool. What round you draft a RB in really dont mean much now days expl. Arian Foster. I think we will be ok for this year mabey play it by ear and see what happens in the draft. But if not I think Carter's down hill style running and Browns break out speed they can hold down the fort.

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In Carter's last year at Syracuse, he had the 3rd most carries in the Big East and didn't fumble but one time and it was recovered. I think last year's fumbles were a fluke or rookie jitters.

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I agree with the others that Carter has a bright future with the Colts, but I believe Donald Brown will be the starter opening day. Right now he's the better all-around back at this point. But Carter will get his share of carries, especially if he controls the ball like he did in college, rather than like he did last season.

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Agree with above - if Carter shows typical year 1-year 2 improvement - should be able to leapfrog Brown for starting job. But Brown should make for a good complimentary back. It will be interesting to see how the other young guys develop.

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I see Brown as the ""Starter"" but think Carter is going to have ALot of playing time as well, Brown should off his Speed and Agility last year and our O Line couldn't do Squat... So all and all thought ""The Donald"" was very impressive and more like he was at Conn. And can't wait to see Carter PLOWING over LB's and S's with our New and Improved and Very Much BIGGER "O Line" this year, I know there's a couple of Veteran LB's that Carter hit last year that Still remember him..

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