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  1. I know, right. But their market value is on another level than what we (or at least I) make. If only I could run a 4.3 40, bench a Fiat and squat a Volvo ...
  2. ^^^ and before the Gronk groupies get their undies in a bunch from the above statement, it wasn't meant to be literal...
  3. BTW, where was the great Gronkowski during the Super Bowl?!?!
  4. Dang, and that was what I was hoping to accomplish when I typed that response... :hmm: The post I was replying to stated Davis was slightly faster than Gronk. He did not specify in what compacity and I simply posted info that clearly conflicted with his statement, nothing more...you're the one reading too much into it for whatever reason, even though your username makes it pretty obvious what side of the fence you stand on and why you would come off as defensive concerning my post...
  5. Opinions are debatable, facts are not. And facts does not cease to exist simply because they are ignored...
  6. Yeah, what ^^^ said!!! I approve this message!
  7. Where's the anonymous source when you need them?!?!
  8. ^^^ I though Allen was already signed. Hopefully everyone will be signed by end of this week.
  9. If McGhee has another year of running ability left in him a BIG if), the offense will be fine. And Denver's defense is better than any defense that has ever supported Peyton in Indy.
  10. The Dolphins will be an afterthought during the season, anyways. I will enjoy finding a way to watch the Colts thrash them on Nov 4th!
  11. What I posted were FACTS that disputed your claim. What you posted was a personal opinion, nothing 'real world' about it, no way to quantify it if you will. But if that makes you feel better... :hmm:
  12. :hmm: Gronk's 40-time: 4.68 Davis' 40-time: 4.38 Not even close...
  13. The Colts will have ALL regular season games televised locally (NO blackouts)... :rolleyes:
  14. 1. Rivers 2. Luck 3. Schaub 4. Dalton (This is assuming Brady has hung up the cleats in 3-5 years, otherwise he would be #1)
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