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Praying That The Colts Will Pull Together!



Now that we may be getting Luck as a QB, just a BIG definate it seems. We need to realize that the team is now on a new era. And letting go of several players in the process. Shows that we need to cut the team slack. And help them to move on. While they are going in a new era and generation. Praying that the team will return to it's winning ways.

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Agreed we most move foward PEYTON was a once in a lifetime gift and as hard as it is to move on IRSAY made the right choice. GO COLTS

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Guest COLTS1953


yes we have to move on i have been colt fan since j unitas day ,i have seen qb come & go since like bert jones ,jeff george , harburgh, if you real fans deal with the lost of the veterns it all money & team want to go young give the team the love you gave with the old one

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Nice post my friend. Was and is hard to let go of the ones we cheered and rooted for for years, yet we must move on. Time to embrace the coming changes, cheer and root on the new players and those that remain to build yet another dynasty, not like to previous one, but on on its on merits and in its own rite

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I agree. It's going to be so weird in the fall looking at a whole new team. I have a lot of learning to do

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