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Colts/falcons-they call it gritty



We always hear this team is gritty, resiliant, that was for sure that type of game...was not pretty, but in the end, we had 3 more points than they did, the broncos were not at full strength last week, but the bottom line is this team has won 2 games now vs very good teams and regardless of the circumstance...that is a positive. The schedule the rest of the way is filled with win-able games.


Defense: wanted to start with the defense this week, because they were the difference in the game, maybe not great, not dominant, but a very impressive effort-across the board. Starting with D.Jackson who had a monster game....7 tackles...with a big time pick six and sack in crunch time....awesome game!!! The LB's group as a whole really played well-Freemen led the way with 10 tackles, Walden added 4 along with a forced fumble.....the patchwork D-line held up......the DB's were good, Geathers ( 8 tackles) had a nice game filling in for Adams. The pass rush has been a tad better, but really needs to be much better, going forward. With more of the same....short fields, key players out, they really stepped up........and played a very solid game...the big key, as usual.............4 turnovers.


Offense: really didn't do much stat wise...efficiant comes to mind. Hasselback was 23-32-213-2 TD's and 2 int.., Gore and Bradshaw combined for 23-66 rushing...... Gore added 5-46 as the top receiver and Bradshaw added 2 TD's. 276 total yds and 3 turnovers. The O-line, like the rest of this group....adequate


Special teams: another very good game for the kickers...Adam has now hit his last 12 field goals, including the game winner and McAfee (copy and paste) excelled. Bray has looked very good, had big return called back


Summary: that was a very good team we faced today, they didn't play their A-game......with the way things have gone this year, you take them anyway you can get them and just try to keep piling up wins, just need to keep playing gritty and keep finding ways to win games. There is still plenty of room for improvement, plenty of time to try to get things better.......in the last 5 games we have a 7 point loss to new england....6 point loss to the saints....3 point loss to the panthers and back to back 3 point wins over the broncos and falcons.... we are not there...but it does seem like we are trending up.

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  Good post. Agreed. To borrow a cliche; we keep "shooting ourselves in the foot".

  I'd love to see how good this team can be with less penalties, turnovers, dropped catches, bad passes, missed assignments, missed tackles, etc.

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Less penalties, turnovers, missed tackles - that would the Broncos game, IMO.


The Falcons game was more sloppy on the Colts part than the Broncos game.

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Agree with all.  Great effort from adequate talent.  I think it's safe to say that pre-season expectations are now a distant memory.  Let's hope for a new GM who can deliver the talent within the financial constraints Grigson has left behind and will be more astute in the draft.  I think we have a shot at the play-offs given our weak division but not much more than that.  As always as a die hard fan I'm hoping for more than last year but as a realist not sure we have the talent to get us there.  Hope is a good thing. 

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Thanks EDCB...I try to be realistic as well and that would seem to indicate there isn't much of a chance to go deep in the post season , based on what we have seen...yet....it happens every year...if we can fix a few things, get on a roll.....anything can happen. But I think the overwhelming majority feel, that this team will not get where we all want it to go, with the current leader (s)

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