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Grading Grigson (updated) free agents



I did 2 blogs about Grigson in the offseason and wanted to do an updated version with all the talk about is he or isn't he..............and as much as I have really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, it's getting harder and harder......
A look at the free agent signings during his era ( some were aquired via trade) I have broke it down into 3 categories....Good-Ok-Not good


2012: Good: Redding
V. Davis


Ok: S.Brown


Not good: Zbikowski


2013: Good: Hasselback


Ok: Cherilus


Not good: Richardson
D. Thomas
C. Johnson



2014: Good: D. Jackson


Ok: A. Jones


Not good: Nicks
C. Anderson


2015: Good: Gore


Ok-A. Johnson


not good: Cole


A few things have stood out to me......We have only signed 1 impact player, there are some really good players, but the only true difference maker was Davis. Each year it has gotten a little harder, but the first year and second year there a surplus of money to spend and Grigson did not take advantage of that.


The number of signings have gone way down, partly because each year,the amount of money available has gone down, the quality of the players has gone up, the quanity...down


To be fair, not every player that was signed was expected to be a difference maker, some were signed to add depth. Some of the players, it's too early to really tell what impact they are going to have, so I tried to give an honest opinion on them. Sometimes injuries have held players back, that is not anybodies fault, it's just part of the game. The first 2 years are the key , when money was available and many players were signed, most of which had very little impact. We have to give credit where it is due and there have been some very good players added as well. I do feel Grigson has done an average job, to this point, maybe a little better, but the bottom line is..................for this team to get where they want to go, he needs to be better...before this year started I was sort of in the middle.....is he good enough, or not......after the first 4 games, I am leaning (heavily) in the direction of,he is not. and as I have said many times, it's only going to get harder, going forward, every move, every decision is going to be magnified and the margin for error-very small. When we first got him, I didn't know much about him, from what I read and heard, I thought he really had the makeup to be very good and had high expectations, I also believe he was given a chance to succeed in an ideal situation, with a franchise QB there to be had and a surplus of money to spend, in hindsight, the lack of production in those first few years has really kept this team from becoming the monster they wanted it to be. Great G.M.'s are few and far between and good or bad or somewhere in between, he could be worse, there are plenty of teams out there who have G.M.'s that really have no shot of taking a team to a championship. This team has been successfull with Grigson and will continue to have success, just really not very confident they will fulfill their potential, with him calling the shots.

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After that Richardson trade I lost all confidence in him.The way he developed the offensive line and some of the free agents on defense will set us back for years.

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COLTS7, Thanks for the historical perspective. I can nit pick some of your Good/OK/Not good choices. But here is the irrefutable fact about Grigson. We have gotten older faster than any other team in NFL in THREE YEARS!!! We have misspent CAP dollars so

when it comes time to sign Luck, we will need to break the bank and consequently have little left to replace the dinosaurs who

will either retire or get cut. We'll have to wait and see if Luck gets back to his normal arm strength, again a fact that is an

indictment of Grigson who clearly did not identify and fill the O-Line needs. BTW, what did he & Pagano not see in Dion Lewis who is having a break-out year in New England. Sorry, but by any measure, he may have set this team back years. I contend the team

has been successful despite Grigson, not because of him.

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As I said it's only going to get harder, moving forward, Luck will be getting his new (and significanlty higher ) contract, Hilton was just re-signed, Castonzo was, Allen and Fleener are both up for renewal, nott to mention all of the off season signings, there just isn't going to be a surplus of money anymore.

Looking at the good list- he has really added a lot of talent to the roster and even the ok list...the problem is with the not good list-19 players in those first 2 years who had very little impact and as we all know, the Richardson deal-really hurt and I think that the O-line issue has not been fixed really makes Grigson's overall status look pretty weak

I agree with the idea that as long as we have Luck, we will be sucessfull and has prob more to do with him, than Grigson's moves, as well as being handed 6 wins, each year ( division games)

Every G.M. will have hits and misses, both in the draft and free agency,  but the the best G.M.'s have way more hits, than misses and they also almost always hit on their high draft picks and do not trade away #1 picks

It seems like Grigson has a gambler mentality,  he gambles on himself and his opinions on players, gambles that he is right and so far, has not paid off

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some perspective:

In the past several years the broncos, who already had a very highly paid QB have signed:




Talib-how much better would our "D" be with a few of them?

not to mention upgrading their O-line-Vazquez

and a few others:



Sanders...just saying.....

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