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Grading Grigson (updated) draft



A look at the draft classes:


2012- 1. Luck
2. Fleener
3. Allen
3. Hilton
5. Chapman
5. Ballard
6. Brazil
7. Anderson
7. Fugger
7. Harnish
Getting Luck has been well documented and has more to do with the success of this era, than anything. One of the greatest drafts stats-wise in NFL history, Fleener has been very good, Allen was actually suppossed to be the better all around TE, but has not been able to stay on the field, trading up to get Hilton has been one of his best moves, Chapman seemed to be the answer at NT, but never produced, Ballard had a great rookie season and appears to be out of the league, with non -stop injuries, Brazill showed promise, before off field issues led to his release and Harnish had some upside...outstanding draft!


2013: 1. Werner
2. traded away in the Davis deal
3. Thortan
4. Holmes
5. Hughes
6. Boyett
7. Williams
7. Cunningham
The obvious lack of production from Werner stands out and Thortan, Holmes and Hughes all looked like good picks at the time, yet none of them have produced, adding Davis has to be factored into the equation, but overall a very non productive draft.


2014: 1. traded away for Richardson
2. Mewhort
3. Moncrief
4. traded for Hughes
5. Newsome
6. Jackson
7. Ulrick
The obvious again with the Richardson trade that will haunt Grigson forever and with that factored in, overall not a real good draft...Mewhort, Moncrief and Newsome all seem to be keepers,


2015: 1.. Dorsett
3. Smith
3. Anderson
4. Geathers
5. Parry
6. Robinson
6. Herrera
7. Good
A little too early to rate this draft, although Dorsett, Anderson,Geathers and Parry look like very good players, Robinson and Herrera should have some value and there is hope for Smith, but also for the 3rd straight year, the #1 pick has been suspect, at least to some. At this point, it seems like a very good draft.


The lack of production with the last 3 #1 picks is really unaceptable, the overall talent is ok, with the first draft class and Luck being a big part of that, the next 2 draft classes really weren't very good and this years was very good. Another factor is the lack of "nugget's" in the late rounds, that is never a given, but the best scouting departments usually find a few, Ballard-Newsome and Parry were all 5th rounders and decent picks for that slot, but the late rounds have not been all that productive either. Much like the free agent signings, there is some good, too much bad and the bottom line, is that Grigson had not been good enough to get this team over the hump and several of his decisions have resulted in the team regressing, to some degree.

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COLTS7, well said. And regressing not only in talent acquisition but developing the players we have. Even if the talent is "OK" as you suggest (and I agree) with few exceptions there are too may players who have not been pushed or coached to their potential.

We can only hope that we can either cut or trade our way back into a position of being able to attract and afford the real talent we need. I am convinced that Grigson cannot for two reasons: 1. his track record would be on display and 2. if Irsay is paying

attention, which I am sure he is, who would entrust this guy with a say on the owner's checkbook.

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as always, thanks for the input...i know fans are impatiant and want sucess-now....but regardless of how this season shapes up, this team is at a very important crossroad and its going to be very interesting to see which road we take, after the season ends, obviously the more sucessfull the season, the lesser degree there will be for major changes. this team is still close, we dont need alot to compete for a championship, but I think the key is balance, we have to be solid-overall and not have glaring weaknesses and it is hindsight, but if Grigson had made a few better choices, we could be there now, for sure, It's really crazy when we think about how we were the favorite to win the AFC this year and so far, we have looked bad, Lucks been hurt, the front office is in turmoil (?) ......doesn't sound like a team destined for greatness?

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