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Fud, Head Fakes, And Missdirection



that's fear, uncertainty and doubt, a term used in stock picking circles about trying to extract something useful from what someone (say a competitor to your fave stock) says on record. 'its got warts' might be what the competitor says about your product-- when he cant compete on performance or price.

all sorts of verbage out here from manning, irsay, polian for example-- is it all just hot air, or are there nuggets we can use?

since i dont have real insider info, i have to sift all the stuff said by insiders (not reporters) for input. a real gm would be watching manning rehab, all i get is what i read about it.

extracting useful from all the schlock is an art, not a science.

a few examples:

not so long ago, the story was manning had 'scripted plays' after practice. we all read about it.

remember the 'game ready balls' nugget from addai (i think it was him), and to the medium length passes admitted to?

recently manning is on record saying he thought he might pass that physical.

i read that as he IS healing, and is on track to be back next season.

i might be flat out wrong, but i dont think they can flat out lie about stuff like this. if peyton went out there and tossed a series of girly-wounded ducks-- we would have heard something more along the lines of 'he is progressing'.....and addai would not have said a word.

same with a lot of the stuff irsay and polian said about the draft.

i dont think polian EVER telegraphed his intentions-- in fact, he always misdirected in the past. its smart to NOT telegraph your intentions this way. you just cant play poker with mirrored sunglasses on and keep your chips.

'rebuilding' does not mean we are drafting luck. it is a signal to the other teams we very well might, putting a potential premium on any bid for the pick. we DONT want to be predictable. got to max our options.

right now, the colts are in a bind--

manning or luck? having both on the team has serious cap problems, and does nothing for filling holes in the team. if we dump manning (pretty much cant trade him due to the cap either) and he is healthy, we DONT control where he goes, and we get nada for him. remember the story about peyton telling the colts if we did not draft him, he would kick our butts for a decade? you really want to see him in say, a titans uniform lighting us up for the next 3 or four years, twice a year?? smirking as he trots off the field to cheers from BOTH sets of fans while luck gets booed? half the stadium wearing wrong colored 18 jerseys, the other half wearing the right color??

add in a few 'laser rocket arm' commercials on the jumbo tron.... 'just rub some dirt on it'.

no. i doubt i keep my gm job long under that scenario. might well get tarred and feathered and ran out on a rail.

if peyton is healthy, i have to keep him here.

the other teams know that.

what i want is a blockbuster offer for the pick. walker to the vikes, williams to the saints blockbuster. something too good to pass up.

irsay, all my staff are going to CONTINUE the party line that drafting luck is the plan-- because thats the best way to push the value just a little bit higher.

so, my basic assumption here is peyton regains his form.... if he has not already. if he isnt, then luck is my pick.

otherwise i want the motherlode for that pick.

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I couldn't have said it better man, without the wimmy wamma, in your last couple of sentences you set the record straight, and that is the strait up thruth. All I have to say is " We are the champions.... of the worllllddd". We just hit the lottery, and one of these teams are going to pay us. Congrats man.

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