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And Southwest1 Started It This Time...



Yes, he is guilty. And if he vehemently denies it by comment on this blog, you will know that the old quote is true which says, "A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory..." Be careful, southwest1, your age might become a hot topic in the Miscellaneous section of the forum!

Anyhow, it all started when he commented on my profile feed and said this: "...care to speculate and our win/loss percentage this year?" Of course, I believe he meant it in jest in the light-hearted mood of the comments, but my Heart and Mind pounced on it instantly and both at the same time.

"Aha!" my Mind said. "Now I've got you, Heart. There's no way in the world you could match wits with me on this topic! Comparing the rather disheveled Indianapolis roster to the other teams on their schedule around the league and speculating as to who would win. Let's analyze each one of the 16 regular season games the Colts play this year. Want to?"

"Certainly, Mind," my Heart stated, accepting the challenge. "I find our debates both exhilarating and enlightening. You have a good, er, mind for this sort of thing. It would be fun to see how the Indianapolis squad matches up with their tentative opponents."

"All right, then it's set," my Mind responded. "You're going down!"

"That's right," my Heart replied cheerfully, "Four floors! Gonna get a massage today..." (Oh, no, wait---that was Peyton...)

Still, no matter how bad that quip may have been, that's what I'll hopefully be doing for the next several weeks. Pitting my Mind and my Heart against each other to see who they think will win each match-up on the Colts' schedule. Keep in mind that since the draft has not occurred yet and the biggest part of the free agency period has not ended, my team roster will be slightly different from the starting squad the Colts field in 2012.

I will use the first few days of my blog (though I still do not know when I'll begin) to do a mock draft and mock free agency and then will post the proposed roster for the Colts next season. That players on that roster will be the players that will constitute the tentative team of the Colts which I will use in my analysis.

Please keep in mind that the blogs will not be on a regular schedule like my free agent series was. I will have to balance my schedule to fit this in, and as a result, the release date of each new blog will be sketchy.

Hope everyone enjoys this! I know I will. Have a great evening, and as always, God Bless America!

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LOL> funny post and look forward to reading further as you add to it during the preseason. Work hard, stay focused.

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I wanted to give other people a chance to chime in here before I left a reply here. I've never been the subject of a blog before even in jest. I view it as a complement myself. Plus, who wouldn't enjoy seeing their name in the title tag line right...As far as our win/loss percentage this year is concerned, I say either 6-10 or 7-9. No we won't make the Playoffs. I can hear the Jim Mora rant in the back of my head right now. But, our squad will put the capital I in the word intimidation though.

It all boils down to defense & superb special teams play. We finally have teachers now who can didactically implement the proper placement of hands, feet, arms, & hips at all times so these actions natuarally become automatic reflexes particularly in the 4th quarter when players begin to get tired, weary, & exhausted.

Clever Blog WeSpy keep it up my friend.

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I knew there was going to be trouble when I saw Southwest and WeSpy's names milometers apart on a Subject line of a blog!

Defense and special teams will make a huge difference this year, and we will become captivated but not just the word attack, but the execution of relentless new smash mouth defense.

If we get offensive production we will surprise some folks.,,,I feel we will

Good start WeSpy!!! I look forward to the series.

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It's funny---If southwest1 and I ever wrote a blog together, we'd have to call it SouthSpy or WeWest. SS and WW. Just struck me as interesting.

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