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And I Picked Through The Debris And Found Their Mock Draft...



At last my Heart and Mind agreed on something. Oh, don't get me wrong, they've shared views before---but have never been able to COME to an agreement. You see, the only time that they have ever agreed on something is when they both shared the same view originally---never before have they disagreed and found a comfortable compromise.

Last night ended their historic run as they put together a mock draft that they both agreed on.Of course, that was only after much shouting and many nasty insults being thrown back and forth...

When they finally chose their players, wrote them down, and went to lunch; I had to search through about 10 million different kinds and colors of paper before I found the right one that contained their picks.

After searching through piles of wadded, discarded papers, stepping on pens and pencils, and generally trying to clean up the mess that my Mind and Heart had made; I lay down that night and asked myself, "Where, oh where, did I go wrong?" Then I heard my Mind remark to my Heart, "This is going to take more than one night.*"

At any rate, I have posted the draft selections that they agreed on for you below.

Please keep in mind that this does not include any compensatory draft picks, or reflect any trading that the Colts might do, up, or down. The reason for multiple names on every pick (with the exception of Round 1) is that the player of preferred choice may or may not be available by the time the Colts are again on the clock. If there are any questions as to why my Mind and Heart selected as they did, please leave a comment here or send a message to me and I will share that comment with my Heart and Mind and address it at a later date.

With that said, here we go!

Round 1: Pick 1: Andrew Luck (QB---Stanford)

Round 2: Pick 34: Dre Kirkpatrick (CB---Alabama), Stephen Gilmore (CB---South Carolina),Janoris Jenkins (CB---North Alabama)

Round 3: Pick 65: Peter Konz (C---Wisconsin), Phillip Blake (C---Baylor)

Round 4: Pick 97: Alameda Ta’amu (DT---Washington), Brandon Taylor, (FS---LSU), Derek Wolfe (DE/DT---Cincinnati)

Round 5: Pick 128: Shea McClellin (OLB---Boise State), Cordarro Law (OLB---Southern Miss)

Round 6: Pick 175*: Jarius Wright (WR---Arkansas), Derek Moye, (WR---Penn State)

Round 7: Pick 192: Randy Bullock (K---Texas A&M), Chase Ford (TE---Miami)

*Reflecting Trade With Eagles

*Special reference to Charles Shulz, cartoonist and creator of the comic strip: "Peanuts".


Recommended Comments

I like looking at mock drafts. I think in some instances, we get into a position where THAT guy we wanted badly at that particular pick just went to someone else 2 or three slots up. So, in your draft we go into round 2, Patriots take Kirkpatrick. As a draft board we now have 30 minutes to decide if we want Gilmore as the 2nd best CB....or Plan B.

Do we want to grab the BEST available at that position, or go for the best DT? Do we not have our center on our roster and go get Konz? This to me makes the draft so great. It is almost like planning battlefield strategy, thus it is called the 'war room.'

Of course we still have free agency pickups and our own free agents, and a big question with Dwight Freeney, but your mock draft makes sense. I would like the big fella from Washington.Ta'Amu....my kind of guy who has a non-stop motor.

Thanks for the blog. I like to bring the perspective of "best available' into the equation as well. That was fun WeSpy!!!

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Ha, I know... Isn't it sad? I'll have to mention it to the mods and find out why it's restricted.

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