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Colts/Texans-the Hilton show



What started out looking like another Thursday Night blowout, ended up being a down-to-the-wire contest. The Colts couldn't do no wrong for most of the first half, everything worked. We always hear how tough it is to win in the NFL, I am noticing how tough it is to play a complete game, the final score is all that matters, but it is amazing how this group can dominate ( for a half) then struggle-the other. I have to give the texans some credit, still don't see them as a playoff caliber team, they do have some elite players-but until they get a better QB, they aren't going anywhere-they made a game out of it

Offense: Luck once again is making a mockery of ...QB in the NFL is hard to master, he is on a rooooool (25-44-370-3 TD) hitting 7 different receivers, led by Hilton (9-223-TD) WOW!!!! good thing the texans made some adjustments, or maybe Hilton was just winded, he was on pace for a record setting night.Bradshaw and Fleener added TD's. I pay attention to patterns and the running game has steadily gone down hill, Richardson and Bradshaw combined for 75 yds and 1 TD, I keep thinking about the we will be more physical and run the ball more and be balanced quotes, that were becoming commonplace. Right before the snap, I am thinking (especially when we have a bigtime lead) here comes the run game, but it never comes. Everyone outside the Colts says you got a franchise QB, use him, seems like they are (lately), Harrison again had a few hiccups, but overall they played good up front, considering Harrison and Louis were starting their 2nd game and Reitz starting for the first time-this year. Watts was his usual dominant self, but really didn't overwhelm in those matchups. The totals were 456 yds and (another pattern) a 37-23 edge in time of pocession

Defense: overall-pretty good, seemed like Foster was little harder to tackle when the game appeared out-of-reach, he will get his yards and always has great games vs us, but he isn't going down with arm tackles. The pass rush has been very impressive, the past few weeks, with everyone doing their part and contributing. Jackson and Freemen led the way with 7 tackles and Jackson added a sack. Back-to-back quality games for Werner ( 4 tackles-sack-forced fumble). I was thinking early on that Davis is the on the verge of being one of the best CB"s in the league, he is very good and came back down to earth ( a little) but is still having a great season, to date. Great job by Gordy, filling in for Butler, I feel Bulter is one of the better #3 CB's around and we didn't miss a beat. Francois,Walden and Newsome added sacks. the texans were held to 1-9 on 3rd and 4th downs (another pattern)

Special teams: not that this is breaking news,McAfee is a WEAPON, with his league leading punting and league leading kickoffs and now an "expert" on on-side kicking. Adam has yet to miss a kick this year. I am not going to repeat it again, somebody on the return team, needs to be replaced

We all know that division games are normally closer than records, might indicate, Would have been nice (on prime time) to see a blowout, but that makes 4 in a row (pattern) next up, another big test vs the Bengals, one of the better teams in the AFC

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