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Colts/Ravens-Colts win slugfest



A bit of an off day for Luck, he only completed passes to 7 different receivers, seriously he continued to dominate (32-49-312-TD), the offense is clicking on almost all cylinders, the reason I say almost, is because they can be even better. Hilton led the way (9-90), really glad to see Allen (4-59-TD) getting more reps, we have alot of weapons at WR, both RB's are good out of the backfield, but Allen and Fleener can really create mismatches and everyone is talking about Allen being the next great TE. Richardson and Bradshaw both ran good and ran hard ( 105 total yards) the results have been very good, but those 2 guys give 100% everytime their number is called. Funny how things evolve (more on that later) We here all off season how Holmes is the guy, the center of the future, he gets nicked up, Harrison steps in, he gets nicked up, Shipley is signed and starts for 4 games and O-line played great, we hear that he is staying there (if it ain't broke-don't fix it) today Harrison starts???? the results were pretty much the same (although there was a couple hiccups). 422 total yards and a commanding 39-21 edge in time of pocession. Haven't really mentioned the job Cherilus and Castonzo have done, left tackle in the NFL is near the top of the list for have-to-have, they face the opponents best pass rusher-every game and most teams in this league, have at least one, and he has played very good/great and even though Cherilus doesn't always have that same type of every game challenge, it's still a tough assignment. Although he did have the few hiccups, a great job by Harrison at another vital position

Defense: Doesn't get alot of respect (yet) but have really played very well, the pressure has been alot better. With Jones,Freemen and Landry missing time and now Mathis, out for the year, they need to collectivly step up, some players have and some haven't. Jean Francois has really done a good job filling in for Jones, Redding has shown he isn't quite ready to be looked over. WERNER has FINALLY arrived, been waiting a looooooong time for him to make an impact and today, he did that, with 2 sacks, several more near misses, 2nd with 6 tackles and a knockdown!!! Freemen picked right back up where he left off, leading the team with 7 tackles. As I mentioned before ( how things work out) Landry was signed before last season and was suppossed to be a force, he hasn't been, Howell was penciled in as Betheas replacement, he gets hurt, Adams is brought in, for insurance, the past few games Adams has really stepped up and today Brown starts for Landry and looked very good. Davis (again) was lights out! 287 yards, 2-14 on 3rd and 4th downs, 4 sacks (Redding and Brown also had sacks)

special teams: McAfee continues to dominate, the coverage units (kickoffs) haven't really had a chance to prove they can cover, he is nailing it. Whalen as I have brought up, every week, needs to be taken out of the return game, I can see him getting reps, at times, but he is there , for his judgement and sure hands...3 times today, his judgement was not good and could have been critical in a game vs a quality opponent, everybody messes up, but 3 times, in 1 game, not acceptable.

Really wanted to see what kind of production there would be today vs a very good team and overall it was very good. when you play a complete team game, in all 3 phases, you should win most games, as long as you don't turn it over too much and the good thing is, there is room for improvement. Next up, a short week and a game vs the Texans, who have played well, thus far, which is actually a surprise to me, I do not see them as a playoff caliber team

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We did good!  We had our opportunities put the game away but again missed opportunities!  Got to give credit to the Ravens and they also kept slugging away and did not give up.  We have to take advantage of the opportunities to close the game!  Thanks again Colts7 for your insights of the game.

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