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Idea of new colts uniforms without losing the traditional look



As a life long Colts fan I understand that many fans want to keep the same classic look of the uniforms that we've always had. Just looking around the NFL it's obvious that some teams are constantly looking for new flashy ideas for their uniforms (seahawks, Bucs, Jags), while other teams such as the Colts, Packers, Raiders, etc. never show any plans to change their traditional look. In my opinion I don't see why the Colts can't "modern" our uniforms up a little bit. What I mean by that is not change up the color scheme or make them into a totally different look, but to just add a few things to not make us stand out with the teams with the "boring classic" uniforms. Here are a few of my ideas, the first is one that many fans have already suggested which is the blue pants. I think the blue pants would be a great addition to the home and away uniform but more for the away. The beauty of having them is we can bring them out whenever we want and it just adds an option to our look to switch it up every once and a while. But my main concern is for the jerseys. Looking around the NFL the colts are almost the last team in the league to not have our name or team emblem somewhere on the jersey. I just think it's kind of strange how there's nothing on the jersey to state what team it is. This could be added very easily by simply putting "colts" in small lettering on the chest of the jersey above the numbers. Another idea would be to somehow add a horseshoe on the sleeves of the jerseys without getting rid of the traditional stripes. I also think slightly changing the font of the numbers and adding a glimpse of grey into the color scheme wouldn't be a bad idea for details on numbers and pants etc. I believe that jersey sales will increase not just because its a new jersey that colts fans feel pressured to buy but also increase among the sales around the country. For example; lets be honest a ten year old kid in Florida is a lot more likely to buy a Marshawn Lynch jersey than an Andrew Luck jersey simply because it looks "cooler" in the eyes of a young kid. So I believe that would make are jerseys look more appealing from a sales side to people all around the country that don't necessarily have Indiana ties. I'm not promoting the idea of wanting to gain a lot of band wagon fans but there's nothing wrong with being a more relevant, popular team. My overall my main point of this blog is to see if other colts fan agree with my idea to modern up the jerseys a little bit without losing that traditional look that we all love.

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I like your ideas.  They still fit a 'classic' kind of a style.  You have to admit, over the years there have been some really bad looks on other teams


But your ideas are good.  I vote yes

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I've never really understood why we didn't have an alternate uniform - other than Irsay just doesn't want to deviate from the current traditional look.  Kind of disappointing, but whatevs. 

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Would also be cool to see a "dark" version of the Colts uniforms. Maybe a set that has black pats with the blue top. There are a lot of teams that have a "Blacked out" or dark version of their jerseys.

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