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9-7-14 Colts vs Broncos



It's that time of year again......I swear this was the longest off season ever.

During any game there will be high points and low points, of course this game was no exception. The first half was rocky to say the least, but with half time to re-group the Colts made it a game and didn't give up. It was awesome to see Reggie back on the field. Richardson looked better then he had, wasn't dancing around like in the past (however Bradshaw is a force as he barrels through and a little more fun to watch IMO). Shout out to Luck, Allen, and Nicks for TD's!!!! Landry for leading in tackles and Walden for sacking Manning. A lot of points were left on the field last night, 9 penalities for 45 lost yards, Luck being sacked 3 times due to missed blocks, dropped passes, missed tackles pre-season is about earning your spot, 1st game is about proving you deserve to on the team, work out the hiccups because the talent is there, just needs to be executed.

Proud because Colts didn't quit or let themselves believe they were beat, they may not have played all 4 quarters but def stepped up to give to make them work for the win.

Go COLTS all day EVERY day no Matter who they PLAY!


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