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Colts vs Eagles



A day behind.....I'm slacking

Eagles exposed some weakness in the first quarter of our defense, but that seemed to have worked itself out as the game went on, I have heard people saying the Colts defense isn't up to par. Well look at the how the defense held McCoy and Sproles to 105 yards TOGETHER, considering these two can usually put over 100 each, good job defense! Richardson and Bradshaw had 149 rushing yards combined and looked good. Adams leading in tackles with 8. Wayne had a nice tackle as well. I want to blame 2 terrible calls that could have been game changers, that was NOT a horse collar giving them good field position, and pass interference not even close....but whatever it is what it is. Starting the season 0-2 is not idea but it's early and always room for improvement. Luck's hard count, loved it!!!! All in All it wasn't a bad game other then the fact Colts lost but for most of it the Colts moved the ball and played the game. Go Colts All Day Every Day!!!

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