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  1. Woozie80

    Colts vs Jags

    Well Well What a game!!!! That was 4 quarters of Colts football! 1st quarter it was like a different team than what we've seen so far, offensive moved the ball well staying on the field giving defense time to re-group to get the job done when it was their turn. I would have liked to see Richardson punch it in the endzone as his running was what got them to the redzone but Bradshaw has proved to be a closer and can make it happen. Bradshaw, Nicks, Fleener, Allen and Toler loved watching you guys get in the end zone! Luck shared the wealth of who to throw to, 9 receivers touched the ball a min of 2 times with Hilton receiving 5 for 80 yards. I've got to share the love with the Defense.....what a difference Jackson lead with 10 solo tackles and a sack, Walden got a sack, Landry another sack, and Quarles sack! Toler way to be right where you needed to be pic 6 to the house of 47 yards. Like any game no matter how well played hiccups with 8 penalities for loss of 46 yards, have some kinks to work out but what a game. Go COLTS All Day Every Day No Matter Who Colts Play!
  2. Woozie80

    Colts vs Eagles

    A day behind.....I'm slacking Eagles exposed some weakness in the first quarter of our defense, but that seemed to have worked itself out as the game went on, I have heard people saying the Colts defense isn't up to par. Well look at the how the defense held McCoy and Sproles to 105 yards TOGETHER, considering these two can usually put over 100 each, good job defense! Richardson and Bradshaw had 149 rushing yards combined and looked good. Adams leading in tackles with 8. Wayne had a nice tackle as well. I want to blame 2 terrible calls that could have been game changers, that was NOT a horse collar giving them good field position, and pass interference not even close....but whatever it is what it is. Starting the season 0-2 is not idea but it's early and always room for improvement. Luck's hard count, loved it!!!! All in All it wasn't a bad game other then the fact Colts lost but for most of it the Colts moved the ball and played the game. Go Colts All Day Every Day!!!
  3. It's that time of year again......I swear this was the longest off season ever. During any game there will be high points and low points, of course this game was no exception. The first half was rocky to say the least, but with half time to re-group the Colts made it a game and didn't give up. It was awesome to see Reggie back on the field. Richardson looked better then he had, wasn't dancing around like in the past (however Bradshaw is a force as he barrels through and a little more fun to watch IMO). Shout out to Luck, Allen, and Nicks for TD's!!!! Landry for leading in tackles and Walden for sacking Manning. A lot of points were left on the field last night, 9 penalities for 45 lost yards, Luck being sacked 3 times due to missed blocks, dropped passes, missed tackles pre-season is about earning your spot, 1st game is about proving you deserve to on the team, work out the hiccups because the talent is there, just needs to be executed. Proud because Colts didn't quit or let themselves believe they were beat, they may not have played all 4 quarters but def stepped up to give to make them work for the win. Go COLTS all day EVERY day no Matter who they PLAY!
  4. Hmmm slow starts are rough but ending in a win is AWESOME!!! First I hear and see comment about defense, they were on the field the whole first quarter so yes slow off the jump is going to happen when offense is 3 and out giving you barely any time to catch your breath. Let Luck be a running quarterback, I am not saying for him to do it every play but when the opportunity is there take it, it confuses the defense making them switch up their plays on fly. Luck can run and we have seen he can not only take a hit but he can give one as well. The O-line did decent protecting Luck this game with only one sack...well done. Brown awesome job 2 TD and 80 yards, Chris Jonhsons goal was 100 yards good job defense for not allowing that to happen he ended with 86. 3rd quarter was the best 15 of the 60 minutes not allowing Titans to score and taking the lead. 51 yards in penalties is not helpful but it is what it is. Great Job Redding and Walden on their sacks and to Angerer for leading with 8 tackles! Every week new things will click and communication will improve on to the next! All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play GO COLTS!!!
  5. Woozie80

    Week 10 vs Rams

    I'm very confused as to what team played in the game, that was not Colts ball by no means what so ever. That was a painful 60 minutes to watch, what happened. Colts function as next man up and yet it seemed like no one stepped up. The team as a whole were not clicking. The start of the game fumble Rams took advantage, Colts defense rocked in the 1st quarter, Mathis 2 sacks great job. Yes there were terrible calls but that is in every game and even with the bad calls I'm not sure it would have given them the fuel to feed the fire that was lacking today. One of the key fundamentals to football is blocking.....protect the QB sacked 3 times for a lost of 33 yards, 4 interceptions clearly assignments were missed. It's a short week to fix issues, like completing passes, catching the ball, and goodness blocking. Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!
  6. Thoughts and prayers to Houston's coach. Okay the first 2 quarters I literally wanted to pulled my hair out screaming at the tv, nothing was going right and some crappy calls (such is life I understand, it happens) didn't help matters, dropped passes and the o-line not protecting Luck! You know they are gunning for the QB so your job is to PROTECT him. Luck was sacked 4 times. Rough when FG attempt is blocked, not sure where the Colts were the first half but glad they showed in the second. Glad Luck and Hilton connected in the 3rd and 4th quarter 3 TD and the lead. Luck is absolutely right they were in "the grit" made some much needed plays and it was Colts football. Nothing better then searching for a win on a Sunday and waking up Monday remembering you found it. Whalen has some work to do to be a contendered as the next man up. Defensive what can I say first half rough but shutdown Houston in the second half so offensive could step up and change the game. Walden congrats on sacking Keenum, Landry lead with 8 solo tackles followed by Angerer with 7. Reed did well on kick off return. Brown keeping chipping away gaining yardage, Richardson still needs to work out reading the defensive and busting through holes. All in all with the rough start and struggles the Colts are coming with the WIN!!! Great job finding the fuel to put a fire in your veins to get the job done. Go Colts all day every day no matter who they play!!!
  7. This game was the talk of the town as Peyton returns to the house he built. I am a fan of Peyton's and wish him nothing but the best unless he's playing the Colts then all bets are off. He did amazing things for the city. Awesome job defense it was great to see Mathis get to sack Manning twice, while sacked 4 times, Landry and Freeman are forces to fear when they make moves to stop plays. Bethea leading with 6 tackles for the night. Defense really stepped up and made some game changing plays. Offense Luck you are the present and future of Colts football I will never forget the memories from the past but embrace what you will being to the city. Brown I believe you earned your spot in the starting line, Richardson has some work to do and I believe will get up to speed with Colts ball and yes missteps happen but your job when running is to protect the ball. Fleener, Heyward-Bey, and Havili way to get in the end zone. O-line great protection still need to work on some blocking drills and even though Luck was sacked twice good job. Injuries are costly for our upcoming games thankful for BYE week to see if some can get healthy, a part of the heart of team is out for the season, Reggie Wayne get healthy you are much needed and will be missed on the field. Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter who We Play!!! Thank you Peyton for the memories and leaving us with the best memory...Colts Victory! Regardless of what the results could have been, it was an outstanding game to watch
  8. Okay the Colts first drive they moved down the field great then lost momentum. I don't believe the Chargers are a better team but they outplayed the Colts. Fleener for the love of all that is holy catch the ball....yes I know he was not the only with some missed assignments but those stick out in my mind since it would have given the Colts the 1st down, I know Hilton, Wayne. and Brazil dropped the ball also which is disappointing as this is your job....CATCH the ball. Trent isn't being used like he needs to be there is no guessing to the defensive when he's on the field, the opposing team knows he's getting the ball and going to run, swtich it up leave him in a few plays pass leave the defense on their toes as to what your going to do, Brown you are proving you want your position every game. Colts have options and enough talent to make plays happen. O-line good job protecting Luck as he was sacked only once. Adam V thank you to your powerhouse of a leg to put 9 points on the board with 2 FG being 50 yards. Congrats on 1000 receptions Reggie I know the win would have been better. Regardless of our record or the score at the end of game I will always cheer Go COLTS All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play, bring on Denver show them 60 minutes of COLTS FOOTBALL and we'll BRING THE NOISE!!!
  9. My throat is sore but so worth it! Again a little shaky start but ending with Hilton TD with just over a minute in the 1st quarter gave some momentum that was lacking. To open the 2nd with a field goal blocked and TD by Howell couldn't have been sweeter and much needed to fuel the fire to make plays. It was a short lived lead that by half-time Colts trailed by 2. Opening the 3rd quarter rough around the edges held Seahawks to field goal then as Colts are moving down the field Luck gets sacked and fumbles but fire still burning defense came in stepped up keeping them to another field goal. Offense gets back out there and Hitlon gets in the end zone Colts are back, unfortunately the 2pt conversion failed. Seahawks turn getting another field goal leading by 5 now. The crowd noise was amazing and intensified in the 4th quarter Brown rushed in for TD and Wayne to catch for 2pt conversion the stadium went crazy and Colts are up by 3. 12th men and women staying loud and proud increased the noise Seahawks go 3 and punt, bring our offense back on the field ending with a field goal with less then 2mins left to play Seattle take the field and at 4th and 15 Butler was there intercepting sealing the Victory! Crowd noise was loud but during the 4th quarter it was insane. Huge shout out to Mathis on his 100th sack!!! Freeman you are a beast leading with 7 tackles, Offense and Defense played and absolutely fought to make it a heck of game! Bring on the Chargers next week. Loud and Proud Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play
  10. Doors open 2 hours prior to kick-off, I am not sure about autographs but I won't count it out if they are out warming up
  11. A little shaky 1st quarter but finished on top, good to see them clicking and adjusting through injuries and next man up. Huge shout out to the defense Butler pic 6 lit the fire to keep the Colts making plays. Butler lead in tackles followed by Mathis and Freeman. Gotta love when Mathis gets 3 sacks in a game, Redding with one. Looking forward to all defense being 100%. Luck and Hilton didn't seem to be on the same page during the game a couple happy feet moments and missed assignments but it happens and having others to pass too means the options are open. Wayne, Fleener, Richardson way to be in the right places at the right time meaning the ENDZONE! Brown that 50 yard rush breaking tackles was awesome to see, would have loved for you to have had a shot to finish it with a TD but it is what it is, way to step up. Pat and Adam always love to you and your powerful kicking skills! All in all it was an exciting game with little low and lots of high points Great Job Colts! Looking forward to cheering loud and proud next Sunday Go Colts all day every day no matter who we play!
  12. Woozie80

    Game 3 vs 49ers

    Ahh now that was a game! Being the underdog going in and they played like champs. When you have next man up playing the concern is did they study enough to make things happen, well our guys in BLUE did what they had to do and it paid off with a victory. Props to all who stepped up covering injuries etc. Richardson welcome to Indy as the weeks go, you'll learn Colts routes, even for the rush of the trade you excelled. Bradshaw absolute power you are fun to watch barrel through the defense. O-line kept Luck protected well and gave him plenty of running room to get in the end zone, great job! Defense there are bad weeks, good weeks, and weeks that are fantastic. This week was pretty fantastic Freeman, Mathis, and Redding sacking QB is always sweet. Bethea lead with 5 solo tackles. Vaughn sweet interception! Reggie getting the firstdown with 25 yard run was awesome, would of loved to see him in the endzone but there's still plenty of games left. Love to Adam and Pat of course 2 very powerful legs. Great game Colts! GO COLTS! All day Every Day No Matter Who We Play
  13. Well we can't expect to come back in the 4th quarter every game....but then again we hope to not be in that position every game either. What looked to be a good opening drive quickly became rough to watch. Luck had over 15 incomplete passes and was sacked 3 times (the sacks were less then week one so O-line did protect him better this week). Fleener had a better game as well he had a few bad weeks with dropping the ball and missing plays but he played well. Still love me some Hilton! Reggie didn't get as much love as I like to see but can def understand when your covered it makes getting open an obstacle. Ballard not being on the field is noticed, BradShaw will be more of a factor as he continues to learn Colts ball. Our defense had ups and downs during this week but welcome back Angerer!!!! Landry you are a beast and def fun to watch 6 solo and 5 assist! Freeman and Mathis 2 sacks NICE! Angerer and Werner on assist sacking together for 5 total sacks on Miami. All in all there were some shady calls that cost our team a TD but it is what it is. Key is move forward and learn week to week. Go Colts All day Every Day No Matter Who We Play =)
  14. Gotta Love Football season. Seeing Reggie in the end zone was awesome to see. There will be ups and downs as the team gets adjusted to working together. Offense needs to protect Luck more, there is no reason he should have been sacked 4 times had they did what was needed. Props to the line getting blocks for Wayne, Allen, and Luck to score. Pryor kept defense on their toes for sure, Landry is absolutely outstanding he's quick and made some huge stops that could have been game changing. Bethea way to be in the right place at the right time sealing the victory! All in all can't be upset they played and won. Bring on week 2! Go Colts All day Every Day no Matter who they Play!
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