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Week 10 vs Titans



Hmmm slow starts are rough but ending in a win is AWESOME!!!

First I hear and see comment about defense, they were on the field the whole first quarter so yes slow off the jump is going to happen when offense is 3 and out giving you barely any time to catch your breath. Let Luck be a running quarterback, I am not saying for him to do it every play but when the opportunity is there take it, it confuses the defense making them switch up their plays on fly. Luck can run and we have seen he can not only take a hit but he can give one as well. The O-line did decent protecting Luck this game with only one sack...well done. Brown awesome job 2 TD and 80 yards, Chris Jonhsons goal was 100 yards good job defense for not allowing that to happen he ended with 86.

3rd quarter was the best 15 of the 60 minutes not allowing Titans to score and taking the lead. 51 yards in penalties is not helpful but it is what it is. Great Job Redding and Walden on their sacks and to Angerer for leading with 8 tackles! Every week new things will click and communication will improve on to the next! All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play GO COLTS!!!


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