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Week 10 vs Rams



I'm very confused as to what team played in the game, that was not Colts ball by no means what so ever. That was a painful 60 minutes to watch, what happened. Colts function as next man up and yet it seemed like no one stepped up. The team as a whole were not clicking.

The start of the game fumble Rams took advantage, Colts defense rocked in the 1st quarter, Mathis 2 sacks great job. Yes there were terrible calls but that is in every game and even with the bad calls I'm not sure it would have given them the fuel to feed the fire that was lacking today. One of the key fundamentals to football is blocking.....protect the QB sacked 3 times for a lost of 33 yards, 4 interceptions clearly assignments were missed. It's a short week to fix issues, like completing passes, catching the ball, and goodness blocking. Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!


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