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Week 9 vs Houston



Thoughts and prayers to Houston's coach.

Okay the first 2 quarters I literally wanted to pulled my hair out screaming at the tv, nothing was going right and some crappy calls (such is life I understand, it happens) didn't help matters, dropped passes and the o-line not protecting Luck! You know they are gunning for the QB so your job is to PROTECT him. Luck was sacked 4 times. Rough when FG attempt is blocked, not sure where the Colts were the first half but glad they showed in the second. Glad Luck and Hilton connected in the 3rd and 4th quarter 3 TD and the lead. Luck is absolutely right they were in "the grit" made some much needed plays and it was Colts football. Nothing better then searching for a win on a Sunday and waking up Monday remembering you found it. Whalen has some work to do to be a contendered as the next man up. Defensive what can I say first half rough but shutdown Houston in the second half so offensive could step up and change the game. Walden congrats on sacking Keenum, Landry lead with 8 solo tackles followed by Angerer with 7. Reed did well on kick off return. Brown keeping chipping away gaining yardage, Richardson still needs to work out reading the defensive and busting through holes. All in all with the rough start and struggles the Colts are coming with the WIN!!! Great job finding the fuel to put a fire in your veins to get the job done. Go Colts all day every day no matter who they play!!!

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