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Game 7 vs Broncos



This game was the talk of the town as Peyton returns to the house he built. I am a fan of Peyton's and wish him nothing but the best unless he's playing the Colts then all bets are off. He did amazing things for the city.

Awesome job defense it was great to see Mathis get to sack Manning twice, while sacked 4 times, Landry and Freeman are forces to fear when they make moves to stop plays. Bethea leading with 6 tackles for the night. Defense really stepped up and made some game changing plays.

Offense Luck you are the present and future of Colts football I will never forget the memories from the past but embrace what you will being to the city. Brown I believe you earned your spot in the starting line, Richardson has some work to do and I believe will get up to speed with Colts ball and yes missteps happen but your job when running is to protect the ball. Fleener, Heyward-Bey, and Havili way to get in the end zone. O-line great protection still need to work on some blocking drills and even though Luck was sacked twice good job.

Injuries are costly for our upcoming games thankful for BYE week to see if some can get healthy, a part of the heart of team is out for the season, Reggie Wayne get healthy you are much needed and will be missed on the field. Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter who We Play!!!

Thank you Peyton for the memories and leaving us with the best memory...Colts Victory! Regardless of what the results could have been, it was an outstanding game to watch


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