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Game 6 vs Chargers



Okay the Colts first drive they moved down the field great then lost momentum. I don't believe the Chargers are a better team but they outplayed the Colts. Fleener for the love of all that is holy catch the ball....yes I know he was not the only with some missed assignments but those stick out in my mind since it would have given the Colts the 1st down, I know Hilton, Wayne. and Brazil dropped the ball also which is disappointing as this is your job....CATCH the ball. Trent isn't being used like he needs to be there is no guessing to the defensive when he's on the field, the opposing team knows he's getting the ball and going to run, swtich it up leave him in a few plays pass leave the defense on their toes as to what your going to do, Brown you are proving you want your position every game. Colts have options and enough talent to make plays happen. O-line good job protecting Luck as he was sacked only once. Adam V thank you to your powerhouse of a leg to put 9 points on the board with 2 FG being 50 yards. Congrats on 1000 receptions Reggie I know the win would have been better. Regardless of our record or the score at the end of game I will always cheer Go COLTS All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play, bring on Denver show them 60 minutes of COLTS FOOTBALL and we'll BRING THE NOISE!!!


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