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Game 5 12th Men and Women Brought the Noise vs Seahawks!



blog-0210448001381142983.jpgMy throat is sore but so worth it! Again a little shaky start but ending with Hilton TD with just over a minute in the 1st quarter gave some momentum that was lacking. To open the 2nd with a field goal blocked and TD by Howell couldn't have been sweeter and much needed to fuel the fire to make plays. It was a short lived lead that by half-time Colts trailed by 2. Opening the 3rd quarter rough around the edges held Seahawks to field goal then as Colts are moving down the field Luck gets sacked and fumbles but fire still burning defense came in stepped up keeping them to another field goal. Offense gets back out there and Hitlon gets in the end zone Colts are back, unfortunately the 2pt conversion failed. Seahawks turn getting another field goal leading by 5 now. The crowd noise was amazing and intensified in the 4th quarter Brown rushed in for TD and Wayne to catch for 2pt conversion the stadium went crazy and Colts are up by 3. 12th men and women staying loud and proud increased the noise Seahawks go 3 and punt, bring our offense back on the field ending with a field goal with less then 2mins left to play Seattle take the field and at 4th and 15 Butler was there intercepting sealing the Victory! Crowd noise was loud but during the 4th quarter it was insane. Huge shout out to Mathis on his 100th sack!!! Freeman you are a beast leading with 7 tackles, Offense and Defense played and absolutely fought to make it a heck of game! Bring on the Chargers next week. Loud and Proud Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play
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