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Game 4 vs Jacksonville



A little shaky 1st quarter but finished on top, good to see them clicking and adjusting through injuries and next man up. Huge shout out to the defense Butler pic 6 lit the fire to keep the Colts making plays. Butler lead in tackles followed by Mathis and Freeman. Gotta love when Mathis gets 3 sacks in a game, Redding with one. Looking forward to all defense being 100%. Luck and Hilton didn't seem to be on the same page during the game a couple happy feet moments and missed assignments but it happens and having others to pass too means the options are open. Wayne, Fleener, Richardson way to be in the right places at the right time meaning the ENDZONE! Brown that 50 yard rush breaking tackles was awesome to see, would have loved for you to have had a shot to finish it with a TD but it is what it is, way to step up. Pat and Adam always love to you and your powerful kicking skills! All in all it was an exciting game with little low and lots of high points Great Job Colts! Looking forward to cheering loud and proud next Sunday Go Colts all day every day no matter who we play!

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