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Game 3 vs 49ers



Ahh now that was a game! Being the underdog going in and they played like champs. When you have next man up playing the concern is did they study enough to make things happen, well our guys in BLUE did what they had to do and it paid off with a victory. Props to all who stepped up covering injuries etc. Richardson welcome to Indy as the weeks go, you'll learn Colts routes, even for the rush of the trade you excelled. Bradshaw absolute power you are fun to watch barrel through the defense. O-line kept Luck protected well and gave him plenty of running room to get in the end zone, great job! Defense there are bad weeks, good weeks, and weeks that are fantastic. This week was pretty fantastic Freeman, Mathis, and Redding sacking QB is always sweet. Bethea lead with 5 solo tackles. Vaughn sweet interception! Reggie getting the firstdown with 25 yard run was awesome, would of loved to see him in the endzone but there's still plenty of games left. Love to Adam and Pat of course 2 very powerful legs. Great game Colts! GO COLTS! All day Every Day No Matter Who We Play


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