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Week 2 vs Dolphins



Well we can't expect to come back in the 4th quarter every game....but then again we hope to not be in that position every game either. What looked to be a good opening drive quickly became rough to watch. Luck had over 15 incomplete passes and was sacked 3 times (the sacks were less then week one so O-line did protect him better this week). Fleener had a better game as well he had a few bad weeks with dropping the ball and missing plays but he played well. Still love me some Hilton! Reggie didn't get as much love as I like to see but can def understand when your covered it makes getting open an obstacle. Ballard not being on the field is noticed, BradShaw will be more of a factor as he continues to learn Colts ball. Our defense had ups and downs during this week but welcome back Angerer!!!! Landry you are a beast and def fun to watch 6 solo and 5 assist! Freeman and Mathis 2 sacks NICE! Angerer and Werner on assist sacking together for 5 total sacks on Miami. All in all there were some shady calls that cost our team a TD but it is what it is. Key is move forward and learn week to week. Go Colts All day Every Day No Matter Who We Play =)

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