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A Sad Week Passed, But One That Was Inevitable



This was indeed a sad week that passed for the Colts fans and organization, but one that we knew had to come. I wish nothing but the best for Peyton as he moves on, including a Super Bowl win to add to his record. In time the Colts will rise to that level again, never with someone of Peytons caliber and character, but not only am I a Peyton fan and will remain one, I am TRUE BLUE and a Colts fan. This change was inevitable, just thought more in the future, unfortunately the future snuck up and kicked us in the butt when we didnt expect it. This is a game and a business, unfortunately we enjoyed Peyton and his ability and kept spending money to keep the status quo and not plan for the future. Now the spending and future have caught up with us. I look forward to the upcoming changes and challenges and will remain a fan and season ticket holder. Best wishes to those that have left and will be leaving, I look forward to the new faces and challenges ahead. Go Colts!!!!!!!!!

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Your response to this was perfect i wish more COLT fans could see it that way. I have been a COLTS fan for over 40 years and that will never change GO COLTS

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Very well said. Time to finish our mourning of losing the era of Peyton before anyone was ready, and get excited about the new era that is beginning--the era of Andrew Luck, and the era of a bada@@ Defense of the likes we haven't seen. The more I think about what is to come in the future, the more excited I become! We love Peyton, and we love the other Colts that we have lost and will lose--thank you all so much!!

I will always bleed BLUE!

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