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Now that we have signed Hakeem Nicks, what do you see the Colts doing this year?



Feel free to comment, and please post your predicted record, playoff seeding (if you predict a playoff appearance), whether we win the div. or not, and what we do in the playoffs if you think we go.


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My prediction is we will be 13-3, win the div. and No. 1 seed, and then beat Seattle in the Super Bowl. I'm not being biased either! I honestly think that because we had so many injuries last year, and still won the division and made it to the divisional round. This year we'll get Reggie back, Dwayne Allen, Donald Thomas, who will help on the offensive line, and Ahmad Bradshaw. Also, we signed Hakeem Nicks and Phil Costa, both who will contribute on the offensive side of the ball. We will probably draft a safety and a o-lineman, so that will help too.

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Our schedule is much tougher than people think this year.  The NFC East will feast on our weakest division, which will build their confidence and their records which will keep them all far more engaged all season instead of phoning it in last season.  


The AFC North is ALSO going to be FAR better than last year.  Each has made significant moves/or has high draft picks.  The Bengals already beat us and I doubt they'll be good enough to win the division.  The Steelers were on a major upswing to end the season and barely missed the playoffs (a missed late field goal by the Chargers kept them out I believe).  We will have super tough games against the Steelers and Bengals no matter where we play them.  The Ravens would be an even match if we play them there.  Cleveland is a wild card in that with their (and our) draft picks, they could end up with the two best wideouts in the NFL, a stud for a quarterback and any number of Best Player Available types from a LOADED draft year.  Every year we see teams go from worst to first and Cleveland could be one next year if they draft smart.  We could be a coin flip in any of those 4 games and so at best we should expect 2-2.   In the NFC East, Philadelphia will be a beast, the Cowboys will finally be back on track, the Redskins will come roaring back.... only the giants seems likely to be a win, but we always lose to a team we should beat, so catching them on the road might be a trap game.  I could see us easily splitting 2-2 in that division.  (Frankly, we could end up worse, or win one we shouldn't against a team like Philly).  But lets take the middle 2-2.   So now we are sitting 4-4.  Next we have our own division.  I think a sweep is possible, but all of those teams are drafting early in a loaded year.  TN will be tough and Texas at home will too.  Jacksonville is a possible trap game.  We're going to lose at least one legit and one trap game in our division.  So that means 4-2.  So now we're 8-6.  Who's left?  Denver and New England.  I think it is highly unlikely we beat either at their place.  So with one being home and one away, let's call it even at 1-1.  That makes us 9-7 for the Reg season and winners of our division which will finish worst again next year.  At least one of those teams will also finish 9-7 but we'll win the tie-breaker and squeak into the playoffs.  I am saying this with the assumption that we're BETTER than we were last year.  Our schedule will be just as tough in reality as last year and though we may benefit from the right mix of home games to finish with a ceiling of 11-5, we could just as easily go 8-8 and miss the playoffs most likely to Texas who is LOADED with talent and will likely have Clowney to go along with the DPOY winner on the other side.  Worst to first don't you know.  


I LOVE the Colts... but I watched every single NFL game twice or more last year and I am telling you, our schedule could be BRUTAL next year.  Our biggest hope is a sweep of our division and an 11-5 record but with Denver and New England getting the #1-#2 seeds again and us losing in the exact same round having to play either team at home in the playoffs.  


With all that said above, one factor I left out was LUCK.  (Both the man and the factor).  I predict 10-6 or 11-5 (thanks to a reasonably healthy team AND Luck), Div winner, #4 seed to the North winner (who will feast on our division) to finish in #3.  Most likely we'll make 2 trips out to Denver, once in the reg season and once in the playoffs.  It would take a LUCK show to upset them either time.  We'll either play Texas or  a team from the AFC North in the first round, then either Denver or New England (who will have their injured players back with some new additions (CB's will be much tougher this year than last not to mention Gronk) depending on an upset happening in the other playoff game.  We should win our first playoff game.  


Just my two cents.  I hope I am wrong and we blow people away... but I think reality will show us a much tougher year even with a better, more experienced team.  

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Our schedule this year is definitely tougher, no doubt. But with the three headed beast in the backfield, and on the recieving cor, I don't see too many problems producing offensively. Defense will be the real factor this year. Run stopping, and safeties that can keep up and shutdown the long pass game. If we can make things happen defensively, we should easily be able to get into the second round of the playoffs once again. I see easily taking the division, but how far we go into the playoffs will really depend on def and how other teams are coming together.

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