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blog-0041676001424315113.jpgWhy should we sign Demarco Murray? Well, here's a couple reasons.

1- He rushed for 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2014, most in the nfl. Now you could say that was just because he was behind the best O-line in the nfl, and that he wouldn't work with us because of that, but you're wrong. Obviously it helps to have such good O-lineman, but did you watch the Colts-Broncos playoff game? Andrew was sacked 0 times. They were also opening holes for Boom Herron and Trent Richardson, but of course Boom was the only one who could find them.

2- We will, in all likelihood, draft a couple of O-lineman, and with the emergence of Donte Moncrief, we have an amazing receiving duo, with him and TY. So that will force defenses to drop their linebackers into coverage, and open up holes for Murray. If they don't then either Moncrief or TY Hilton will be open deep or Coby Fleener or Dwayne Allen will be open because they could put both their safeties on TY and Moncrief, leaving Fleener or Allen on just a linebacker.

3- He probably wouldn't have as big a workload this year as he did last year because a) We have Andrew Luck, which the Cowboys don't. b) We have a much better receiving threat then Dallas all around.

4- His deal wouldn't cost too much, leaving room to maybe get some defenders like Suh. We have $25.6 million in cap room, so if Demarco Murray gets about $6 million this year, that leaves $19 million to try to sign Suh to beef up the D, and we could draft a safety to pair with Mike Adams (assuming we bring him back).

Thanks for reading my blog!

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For that kind of $ I would pass we need 2 spend on defense, I would rather make a trade 4 AP but that aint gonna happen so weʻll get 1 from the draft 

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Agreed. As much as I would like to see DeMarco in Indy, I think the Cowboys O-Line did a lot of the work. Don't get me wrong, he is a good RB. But I just can't see him coming close to the numbers he put up with our current O-Line. Draft a few guys and maybe get some O-Line depth in FA and then maybe. Would like to grab Frank Gore and a solid RB in the draft like Tevin Coleman or Langford out of MI.

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