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That poor Jags fan sitting next to us.,..



Yeah, we had a Jags fan and his old lady sitting right beside us in section 450. He had driven from Cincy but was from Jacksonville. Mom is a very passionate fan, and when she turned around asking all of the Colts fans around us if we all should "kick his bleep" I had to laugh. Mom, you're 63 but I sure love the intensity though. I had to remind her etiquette when she was pointing to a fan dancing for like 2 hours straight and almost hit the guy in the face... oops. It was a great time. Although our section was pretty loud, we couldn't come close to the people up in the 600 sections on the west side... WOW!! DE-FENSE could be heard from them most all game long. When the poor Jag fan finally ALMOST had something to cheer about, their receiver dropped the TD pass in the end zone... ha ha. "you guys suck" was mom's comment to him..(poor guy). Thanks to Lyndsey for the tickets!

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It's hard to be the opposing fan.  Props to them for showing up for their team.

Glad you mom had fun

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I'm sure the Jag's fan returned home with a very high opinion of Indianapolis and Colt's fans in general. So much for family entertainment...thx "mom".

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I think I am the dancing fan (in sec 449)- but the dancing only lasts about 1/2 hour just while they are playing the good dance music. 

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