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  1. Same old Colts under Pagano. Time to quit watching the NFL or find another team after >40 years being a Colts fan. I hate to say it but Pagano and staff need to go....they are not preparing this team to play.
  2. Reminds me of Bert Jones whose career was shortened/altered by a shoulder injury.
  3. I've seen enough....bench Luck. He is doing nothing but hurting the team. Also get ready for a much needed house cleaning during the off season. I don't think ANYONE should be safe.
  4. Thus far the Colts are odiferous and getting worse. The EPA is likely to step in soon.
  5. I couldn't watch anymore. Two problems I see with the Colts: 1) tackling - it seems like a foreign idea to them, 2) left and right tackle blocking - pitiful.
  6. Ah, Pagano....2 full years, 2 AFC South championships. Better than some not as good as others....that seems to sum it up.
  7. Takes me back to my days as a "ditty-bop".
  8. If people find the name offensive they should stop attending games and purchasing the merchandise. Government is inserting itself too deeply into our lives!
  9. I agree with you that the issue between Irsay and the state of Indiana is the alleged driving while intoxicated, but believe that is between those two and not the NFL's business. Since the NFL condones the consumption of alcohol at their events, after which people drive home or elsewhere, I still don't believe that they can be truly "embarassed" by Irsay's actions.
  10. I fail to see how an organization (the NFL) that encourages the consumption of alcoholic beverages at their events could be embarassed by one of their members being arrested for allegedly consuming too much alcohol or other substances. I wonder how many team/league executives are guilty of this same offense at league sanctioned Super Bowl parties?
  11. How about this... The NFL should not "punish" Irsay since his offense has nothing to do with the NFL. He didn't embarrass the league or damage the game, he embarrassed himself and damaged his image while allegedly violating the laws of Indiana. Does the league punish players who are convicted of DUI or do the teams? The Colts ( Irsay) should "punish" Irsay in the same manner they punished Dominic Rhodes a few years ago...no more, no less. This presumes he is convicted.
  12. Rick Volk wore 21 if you go back far enough.
  13. Seems that some people lack the ability to comment without resorting to insult! Perhaps they could develop a little "class."
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