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  1. Change is good as long it's positive. IMO Grigson creates a negative undertow that affects the locker room. Watch him in the locker room video after the Vikings' win. It has already been said that he "advises" the coaches who to play, including the Richardson fiasco, I assume to justify his decisions. That is a cancer. Polian with all of his faults was a professional. Sure miss that. I know nothing about management, but hope things get sorted out so we can take advantage of the great players that we have...
  2. With Allen oft-injured, and Fleener gone Doyle's play has been stellar. He surely does a lot for us in the run and passing game. What do y'all think?
  3. My first live game. 1996 vs. Ravens at the RCA dome. Jeff Herrod intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown in our win. Nothing like your first game, and nothing like watching a game at the dome. (although I do like Lucas Oil too)
  4. Ha Ha actually yes, as age keeps rollin on...
  5. I am again wondering if this is the year that our GM gets serious about our defense-and stopping the run in particular. Heck, we'll probably draft a tight end or running back, then WR etc... and pick up a defensive player from IvyTech as an undrafted.... Sorry for the pessimism fellas, but it just seems like the last time our D was great was Siragusa's rookie year. Hopefully Luck is great this year, but we need a D to help him out.
  6. I agree. I specifically remember the Steelers' playoff game where they killed us in T.O.P. and we still could've won -- but only due to a fumble -- and I'll bet the odds favor the team that dominates the clock... just my opinion.
  7. Man, that would be great, hope you're right. I also second the no hire of Kelly.
  8. Yeah he's gonna be around.... just makes it real tough to know or see the true plan. The draft order is based on the number of wins, not necessarily how "good" a team is. Along with the rumors of starting player decisions coming from upstairs, what is the TRUE status of Luck? Has the rift between Irsay, Grigs and Pagano hurt team chemistry this season? Before this season, we were a team that looked totally committed to Pagano, and would never give up. Are we laying eggs, holding Luck out, and whatever else, to position ourselves better in the draft? To get rid of Pagano? Are we really "trying" to win every game? I realize that injuries have hurt us, but it has many teams. I am not normally one to be so negative but it looks like a "rebuilding" period of time is about to begin.
  9. Okay, I have tried to refrain from posting this for MANY months but it's time for OC Irsay to relinquish control to his daughter. From his *ic behaviors to the (rumors or truth) micromanagement of coaches, heck this could take awhile to complete.... Admittedly, I am one of us who yells at the screen every game wondering why we don't try to run the ball more this year. I realize Griggo and Pagano aren't perfect. But everything starts at the top. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of them -- Carlie please take them away . PS Hey Jon Gruden, do you have plans for the next few years?
  10. They put us on a rotating schedule months ago, and this is the first time that it's mattered... And although we have to wear all this crap for the "clean" environment, I'll have my little single earplug radio ready to hear the game. What are y'all's plans (those of ya that have to work) to tune in? I know that I can't be the only one....
  11. Whatever anyone else thinks, I have always loved Bradshaw's style of play. He gives 100% on every play, but is oft-injured which is probably why they won't take a chance on him. Even back when he was with the Giants, I always tried to get him on my fantasy team. Although I hate to say it, I think that regardless of who we have running this week, it'll be tough to run the ball...
  12. I agree. All signs point to both of these guys having great "motors" and the right attitude. One huge plus is the guys that they have to draw experience from. It's exciting to have some fresh blood in there instead of the known quantity. Parry is thick, and his low center of gravity will help him get leverage on taller linemen. Good thread!
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