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  1. Favorite time of year!!

  2. Well I can tell you that we wondered how ya have the energy.Mom said "I never had that much energy" ha ha
  3. Yeah, we had a Jags fan and his old lady sitting right beside us in section 450. He had driven from Cincy but was from Jacksonville. Mom is a very passionate fan, and when she turned around asking all of the Colts fans around us if we all should "kick his bleep" I had to laugh. Mom, you're 63 but I sure love the intensity though. I had to remind her etiquette when she was pointing to a fan dancing for like 2 hours straight and almost hit the guy in the face... oops. It was a great time. Although our section was pretty loud, we couldn't come close to the people up in the 600 sections on the west side... WOW!! DE-FENSE could be heard from them most all game long. When the poor Jag fan finally ALMOST had something to cheer about, their receiver dropped the TD pass in the end zone... ha ha. "you guys suck" was mom's comment to him..(poor guy). Thanks to Lyndsey for the tickets!
  4. Thank you for the response and advice. I hopefully have it down, although am still browsing for a safe place to attempt to find someone from our area that is going to the game to share expenses with.. Greyhound is like $36 for both of us, and the Greyhound terminal is located just a block N.E. of the Stadium too! The concern is that on the Colts site, it states that South street is closed a few hours before game time to an hour after so I need to find out how that may affect where and how the Greyhound bus arrives... Am having a bit of trouble finding a map that shows where the V.I.P. will-call window is located, and without knowing where the seats sre located it's hard to get a feel for the shortest distances to them, etc... The Colts rep said that they're located in the End Zone but that was about it. We'll get er figgered out and thanks again! It'll be a blast especially if I can talk her into painting the blue/white face paint ha ha.
  5. I hopefully am not breaking any rules, as I need a bit of direction. I won 2 tix for Sundays game @ Jax and want to take my 63 year old mother for obvious reasons.. ha ha She's always been a Colts Fanatic. I am trying to figure out logistics as neither of us drive. I first thought Greyhound to Indy ( We live in Terre Haute) then either walk or taxi to the stadium. She could probably walk a few blocks but it's hard to tell how far to "Capitol avenue side-Will Call window" (where we need to go). I then thought about either renting a car ( don't know how far we'll have to walk from parking or if they have Handicapped) or trying to find a place to post or seek others that are going to the game from our area. Does anyone have any safe suggestions of websites to see about sharing transpo? I just won them today, but want to make sure that everything is all worked out before Sunday... ha ha. I personally saw a game at the RCA dome in 1996 (vs. Ravens) but we all were in our 20's and really didn't have to figure any transpo out back then. Any suggestions will be appreciated, and apologies for any breach of rules if I did. Thanks and happy holidays. Steveeoaktree43
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