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  1. Watching NFL Net lately it looks like its more and more likely QBS arent just going to go 123.... Still should have plenty of choices at 6. lot of holes to fill. Gamble on a future pick, with the way things have been going lately...
  2. Personal opinion.... Ballard did really good on the Jets trade. Still sit in a good spot to take a difference maker. I'm not sold on trading down even further unless something comes up that cant be turned down. i understand good talent can be found in later rounds, but hopefully Colts arent getting a top ten pick often.
  3. just my opinion, but Colts have more pressing issues than RB. O-line still needs work, D-line is better but need a consistent edge rusher.
  4. I cant see indy winning this game. i dont think the players we have are the problem. Need to look at the staff. Bengals 30 Colts 16.
  5. haven't talked to u in a while. I don't see how u can defend green as a safety. he has good speed ,but he gets broke in half if he get hits by a T.E.
  6. I was just generalizing "win a game". Colts will win some games this year. After one game I see a lot of the same thing as last year. Cant stop the run. Cant run the ball cause they are 20 pts. behind. Weak overall on Defense. Truth hurts, but accurate.
  7. sounds good to me. that's what everyone is looking for.
  8. I'm tired of making excuses. Time to man up. At some point in time you have to go out and prove to yourself you can do it. I think that time has come for the entire franchise.
  9. One game and people are talking coaching change. I think all the coaching changes in the off season haven't had a chance to play out yet. Everything's completely different. I was begging for some o-line help and we got it. Hopefully it pays off. Defense was going to be tough to start with. All of the injuries have me really hard to judge it. you can't play with no secondary.
  10. Most Likely doesnt say alot to me. In reality, anyone can win. Injuries always seem to derail someones season. I think Tennessee is going to be stronger. they looked pretty focused on offensive improvement. Jacksonville was alot of D. and Houston has very solid to D. start with, just need help on O. Hopefully Colts can stay healthy for a change, I think they will hold their own. 1. Colts 2. Houston 3. Jacksonville 4. Tennessee
  11. If he stays healthy, and the colts use him hes a 1000 yrd. back, was last year too if they played him more.
  12. I couldnt see that happening. Kelly supposed to be the best center in the draft. hate to see our 1st rounder moved to another position.
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