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Does Manning Have a Guarenteed Homecoming Win? Or Will the Colts Prevail?



blog-0867774001381941831.pngA lot of Colts fans are upset with our performance on Monday Night Football and I was furious. But, it was just one other game and we just so happened to be outplayed with injuries that plagued the defense. The Colts have a completely different mindset going into Week 7, when they will have Manning come home on Sunday Night Football. Every Colts fan will be watching the game and most would be happy for whoever wins (All Colts fans hope for the Colts to win, but most should might be happy if Manning wins). The Colts may look bad after Monday, but even the Broncos are having a slight decline. A lot of people will disagree, but here is why this game:

The Broncos have a very high powered offense, but our defense will be better this Sunday. The Broncos will get Von Miller back, but he is just one part to that defense. If we can keep Miller from Luck and the ball carrier and try to not be as conservative and let Luck throw the ball, Luck can pick apart their defense and hopefully get some touchdowns on the board. Their offense is obviously fantastic and Manning is having the best season of his career, but we know Manning and might be able to hold him on drives. As been mentioned before, Manning has struggled in the past with a 3-4 defense. Manning only knows Indy for their 4-3 defense, which he practiced hundreds of times against. But now, we have a completely different defense with only two players that Manning was teammates with on the Colts in the Super Bowl. I'm sure Robert Mathis is waiting to finally hit Peyton.

The Colts have been good on offense for really every game except Monday Night but that was in large part to the drops and the lack of time of possession. I'm not saying we should completely go away from the offense we ran on Monday Night. Can Richardson going, with a carry or two on the first drive. If he is able to get 4-5 yards, feed him the ball. If he has two carries on the drive for 3 yards, give the ball to Luck and let him pass. He has Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton, so I think he should be able to pass the ball. Work with Fleener and DHB on receiving during practice for 6 hours a day. We are going to need everyone if we want to one. When I say everyone, I now want to get into the topic of the defense. LaRon Landry has been hurt too long and needs to come back this week. I'm not sure on the situation with Freeman and how mad his concussion was, but we will need him too. Kavell Conner would be also nice to have back this week. Greg Toler was having trouble Monday Night and who knows who he will cover this week. Probably Decker or Welker, depending if they put Welker in the slot. Then it would be Butler covering Welker, which is a good matchup for our secondary.

Every analyst is going to be picking the Broncos over the Colts and they are going to annihilate the Colts 48-14. Denver has struggled the last two weeks and going back to the Oakland game where they won 37-21. Big margin of win, but it was not 52-20. They nearly lost the game vs the Cowboys, winning by a field goal in a 51-48 score, and allowing Romo to throw 503 yards and 5 touchdowns. Last week, they beat the Jaguars 35-19. When the Colts played the Jaguars, we won 37-3. Manning has also throw back-to-back games with an interception after starting the first four games without one. Manning is stoppable and has shown that in the past. This will be a very emotional game, but don't influence who will win the game based off our performance on Monday Night.

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It bothered me that such a big to-do was made over Manning. I think a lot of the fans forgot....He left on his own ,he would not accept the contract presented .He wanted more money as though he wasn't being paid enough. Had they paid him, there were some people who were going to be cut and non-players were going to be unemployed. If he was so into the fans like he said, he would have stayed. Making such a big deal about him coming back to Indy that they for got who the REAL QB of the Colts is .That was slap -in- the face to Luck. With Manning it was all about money and notoriety not fans .He has no loyalty to anyone but Payton Manning. 

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