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Are the Colts NOW the Best Team in the NFL?



blog-0612470001382385341.pngSo now we beat Denver and the so-called "unstoppable Manning and Broncos offense, which we stopped really well for most of the game and did not allow them to take the lead after they held a 14-10 lead in the 2nd quarter. The Colts do not have the best record in the NFL, but have beaten teams with the best records in the NFL. Denver was undefeated and now 6-1. Seattle was undefeated and now 6-1. San Francisco is back and is now 5-2. The only team with more wins than us that we haven't already beaten is the Chiefs, who currently sit at 7-0, and we play them this year. So, considering how well we have done against the NFL elite, I think we can be the best and Super Bowl contenders. I know we loss Reggie for the year but Grigson will find away to keep the receiving corps growing.

Games Won Against Teams

In this category I will break down the wins of teams in the NFL against the record of the team they beat. For example, we beat Denver that is 6-1.

Indianapolis 5-2 record / 19-15 combined record of defeated opponents (7 of those losses come from the Jaguars)

Kansas City 7-0 record / 14-33 combined record of defeated opponents (Cowboys only team beat with a current winning record)

Denver 6-1 record / 12-28 combined record of defeated opponents (Cowboys once again only team with current winning record)

Seattle 6-1 record / 16-25 combined record of defeated opponents (49ers only team with current winning record)

New England 5-2 record / 14-18 combined record of defeated opponents (Saints and Jets teams with current winning record)

New Orleans 5-1 record / 12-20 combined record of defeated opponents (Bears only team with winning record)

Cincinnati 5-2 record / 18-15 combined record of defeated opponents (Patriots, Packers, and Lions teams with current winning record)

Cincinnati is closest to us as fair as win-loss total of defeated opponents goes.

Players on Team

A lot of people don't realize how many good players or even great players are on our roster. I'll name a few but there are many more:

QB Andrew Luck

Not much too say that people do not know. Luck has 10 TD passes on the year with only 3 INTs. Not a lot of passing yards with 1,574 but is making good throws and leading this team to scoring drives. He also has 28 carries for 183 yards and three rushing touchdowns, not to mention how hard he is to bring down in the pocket and running. Future of the NFL and will continue his greatness for years to come.

WR T.Y. Hilton

We lost Reggie Wayne. It's unfortunate, but we still have a playmaker who will see a lot more receptions. Hilton has great speed and big play ability. He has struggled with drops like last year but has improved and does not miss to many catchable passes. DHB I think is getting closer to becoming what we wanted and looked better vs Denver other than the ball that was just thrown past him. He did have a nice 30-yard run and good fake on the touchdown. He and Hilton add 4.3 speed to our offense.

ILB Jerrell Freeman

Freeman is an outstanding linebacker who displays good pass coverage, which can lead to a sack when he blitzes like Sunday. He punishing tackler like LaRon and rarely ever misses a tackle. Such good speed and awareness that keeps the line backing corps together.

OLB Robert Mathis

Mathis is playing his best season of his career with 11.5 sacks already through 7 games, which leads the NFL. Mathis is making a strong case for DPOY. He might even break the single season sack record, which he is on pace to do.

CB Vontae Davis

Davis was unstoppable against Denver. Did not allow anything caught his way, going up against a great WR in Demariyus Thomas. Davis was thrown at 8 times and only allowed 2 completions for 4 yards. He is our top shutdown corner which helps eliminate that side of the field.

K Adam Vinatieri and P Pat McAfee

Vinatieri continues to get it done as the oldest player in the NFL at age 40. He made clutch field goals in the game that preserved the win. McAfee had a few bad punts but had some really good ones, not to mention his hit on Trindon Holliday.

We have players on our roster that show we can be the best. As I said in a post months ago, we might have the best roster in the NFL.

Remaining Schedule

We have a bye this week to get injuries rested and heeled and they we have an easier schedule then the first half, which was the hardest part.

Week 8: Bye

Week 9: at Texans (Sunday Night Football) Foster was hurt yesterday and Case Keenum will most likely get the start.

Week 10: vs Rams / They don't have Sam Bradford anymore, he is done for the season.

Week 11: at Titans (Thursday Night Football)

Week 12: at Cardinals / Carson Palmer is always throwing an interception

Week 13: vs Titans

Week 14: at Bengals / Going to be a possibly tough game. Depends on which team shows up. The team that lost to Cleveland or beat the Packers.

Week 15: vs Texans / Never lost at home vs Texans ever

Week 16: at Chiefs / Possibly tough team. They are 7-0 for a reason but have not defeated teams with really good records.

Week 17: vs Jaguars / I think we know how likely this is going to end.

The Colts have a possible shot at going 9-0 the rest of the year, but every team has a bad game and it might come against the Chiefs or Bengals. I don't think they will lose more than 2 games, only if the team can stay healthy, which has been a big issue. We can go 12-4 and take back our AFC South crown. If we do win the rest of our games, which we are capable of, we can be considered the best team in the NFL at 14-2. We did it without Chuck, we can do it without Reggie. I think we will be even more motivated now to win for Reggie.

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