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Are we the Second Best Team in the AFC besides the Broncos



blog-0237111001381175397.pngThe Colts have been this force to be reckoned with after the loss to the Dolphins and the slight win over the Raiders. We nearly came away with a win against the Dolphins but we weren't in sync that game as a team. Week 3 we beat the NFC Champion 49ers and held them to 7 points. The 49ers steamrolled the Texans on Sunday Night Football. Week 4 we beat the Jaguars 37-3 but that is not a challenging thing to do. Week 5 was a really interesting game that kept me standing up pretty much the entire second half, but we still came away with a 34-28 win. Last year I don't think the Colts really had a lot of scoring and would win games like 21-14. We scored 30 points or more I think only twice all of last year. We beat the Packers 30-27 and beat the Lions 35-33. This year through 5 games we have done that twice. The scores from the other team have diminished thanks to a revamped defense that is missing key players like LaRon Landry and Ricky Jean Francois but players like Fili Moala and Delano Howell really have stepped up.

Bleacher Report has a ranked at #3http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1801139-nfl-power-rankings-standings-and-outlook-for-each-team-after-sundays-action and NFL.com had us ranked at #6 last week and we will move up this week. I will get the link when they list the power rankings which is after the Monday Night Football game. The Bengals will move up because they beat the Patriots but not Top 5 since they also lost to the Browns. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they aren't. The Chiefs may be or may not be ahead of us, probably won't even though they are undefeated, they have beaten teams like the Titans without Locker, the Giants (enough said), Jaguars, Cowboys (who have been off and on), and Eagles. The only team they have beaten with a winning record is the Titans at 3-2. We have beaten the Seahawks who were undefeated but now 4-1 and the 49ers who are now 3-2.

I think we are the second best team in the AFC and the Top 5 Team in the NFL. The Saints and Broncos right now are better than us. In my opinion, the first half of our schedule up to the bye week was the hardest part. We had the risk of going 3-4, but now sitting at 4-1, we have a good shot at 5-2 going into the bye week. We have had trouble in the past with the Chargers but this isn't the same Colts that were apart of those losses. Vinatieri, Wayne, Bethea, and Mathis were the only ones really apart of those losses. We can go there on Monday Night and get the win and go play Peyton in Lucas Oil (The fans are going to be louder than ever). If we were to beat Manning and the Broncos we would be the #1 team in the NFL and unstoppable. We have a manageable schedule after the bye: at Texans (SNL), Rams, at Titans (TNF), Cardinals, Titans, at Bengals, Texans, at Chiefs, Jaguars. We could win 7-8 of those games and finish with a 12-4 or 13-3 record with the AFC South Division Crown.

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