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Rushing Offense and Rushing Defense



blog-0750501001379023736.pngI'm not sure if anyone saw or even would care about Team Stats for Week 1 at all but the Colts are high up there on rushing offense. The Colts rank 6th in the league in rushing offense with around 127 yards in Week 1. I thought that was interesting. I didn't really realize how many yards Ballard, Bradshaw, and Luck gathered up. This is a statistic hopes stays high in ranking. If we can actually keep it in the Top 15 that is a huge improvement. If Ballard or Bradshaw can get 1,000 yards, that would be huge for the Colts. We haven't had a 1,000 yard rusher since Addai in 2006 and 2007. That was his first two years in the league, he never hit 1,000 yards again the rest of his career. I know I'm overreacting to the rankings of our rushing offense but I feel like it will be better this year.

On the negative side, the Colts rank 31st in rush defense. Mainly because Terrelle Pryor was running wild for like 112 yards. Not to often does a quarterback have that speed and versatility or run with the ball. After Russell Wilson and Colin Kaeperknick we don't face really any fast quarterbacks. Alex Smith can run but not 10 times a game. We held McFadden under 50 yards rushing so if he cam continue keeping the runningbacks under 50 yards we should be alright. I'm sure our rush defense will actually get higher. It was ranked so low only because of Pryor.

So, I just thought it was interesting that our rush offense was that productive in Week 1.


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