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Colts 2013-2014 Season Projection



blog-0992273001378556011.pngA lot of people have done these so I decided to do one. Withoutfurther delay,

Week 1: Raiders at Colts Colts Win 31-14

Week 2: Dolphins at Colts Colts Win 27-21

Week 3: Colts at 49ers 49ers Win 28-17

Week 4: Colts at Jaguars Colts Win 38-20

Week 5: Seahawks at Colts Seahawks Win 31-24

Week 6: Colts at Chargers MNF Colts Win 28-17

Week 7: Broncos at Colts SNF Broncos Win 42-31

Week 8: Bye

Week 9: Colts at Texans SNF Texans Win 27-17

Week 10: Rams at Colts Colts Win 31-20

Week 11: Colts at Titans TNF Colts Win 24-14

Week 12: Colts at Cardinals Colts Win 28-17

Week 13: Titans at Colts Colts Win 21-14

Week 14: Colts at Bengals Colts Win 28-24

Week 15: Texans at Colts Colts Win 27-20

Week 16: Colts at Chiefs Colts Win 20-14

Week 17: Jaguars at Colts Colts Win 28-14

Colts Record: 12-4

Wildcard Round: Texans at Colts Colts Win 27-24

Divisional Round: Colts at Broncos Broncos Win 37-28

Colts win one more game than last year and are able to advance to the Divisional Round after a Wildcard Round win. It will take them one more year for them to be projected to be in the AFC Championship Game. In a few more years they will be Super Bowl contenders.


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