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Andrew Luck Week 1 Performance vs Manning's Week 1 Performance



blog-0559968001378502114.pngAfter Peyton Manning's outrageous performance over the Ravens, I began to question if I would rather have Luck put up over 400 yards passing and 7 touchdown passes, or have him throw for 300 yards, 3 TDs, and Ballard and Bradshaw combine for 150+ yards. I think I would rather have the second choice. I started to think about though how one dimensional the Broncos offense was in that game. The Broncos only had around 60 yards rushing. Against the Raiders, I hope the Colts can put around 150, unlikely so I'm shooting for 100 yards rushing. If NFL defenses actually figure out the Broncos passing attack, they could be in trouble. Montee Ball was a Heisman finalist two years ago but he is not yet ready to be an elite runningback, neither is Ronnie Hillman or Knowshon Moreno.

So what do you think? Would you rather have Luck put up Manning's Week 1 numbers or have a balanced offensive attack?

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